Hello, and welcome to my site dedicated to that man with the puppy dog looks (so cute!), Matthew Perry. I started this site on August 20, 2001. If you have any questions, complaints, comments, whatever, please email me at:

Isn't he a cutey?
Chandler Bing-a-Ling
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This web site is probably no longer going to be updated. If you would like to request that I DO update, please email me.
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All of these sites are where I got my Matthew Perry pictures for this site. Some of the pics on my site were scanned by me, though.
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My Adopted Chandlerism is:
"Could we
be more white trash?"
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This web site is in loving memory of
those who lost their lives during and after the attack on America on September 11, 2001. Also, my sympathy goes out to their families, the injured, and their friends.
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