1932 - A New Beginning
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The Dungog Chronicle.

August 12, 1932.

Rumour hath it that there are possibilities of the Alum Mountain becoming active again ... So far nothing has been confirmed officially, but judging from the signs there is something doing.


The Port Stephens Pilot.

June 9, 1933.

After a long period of negotiations between the Alunite Mining Co., and another company, the interests of the former have been definitely been sold.

Mr. Martin is the chief of the new company, which expects to commence operations in the near future. Mr. R. Gain has been appointed to act as an agent here for the new company for the time being.

The operations should be of great benefit to this town and district.

Mr. Gain on receiving notice of the sale from Mr. Saddington received a very complimentary letter thanking him for his service to the Alunite Company and for his attention to their interests. A bonus was added to his last cheque as a tangible appreciation of his continued loyal service to the company.


The Port Stephens Pilot.

July 4, 1933.

A new company has obtained the sole rights to the alum deposits of the Alum Mountain, near Bullahdelah, and any plant on the site.

A recent consignment of about 500 tons of ore from Tea Gardens to Melbourne for testing on a major basis has resulted in the transfer from the old company.

Arrangements are being made for the development of the ore. Modern machinery and scientific methods have enabled the ore to be treated more as a whole.

The company has established a treatment plant at Bullahdelah, and it is expected that the works will be large. In addition to alum, by-products will be obtained.

A recent survey of the new lease brings into operation what is known as the old quarry, on the eastern side of the mountain. In addition to ore, which will be found at the face, there are many thousands of tons of spoil which will be recovered and used. Activity may be resumed at Kimberly quarry, which was operated for many years and worked for a series of levels. In the past, work on the mountain has been carried out at the four points of the compass, and a series of light lines were laid to bring the ore to the main route to the dumps. From there the company lighter, via the Myall River, to the Tea Gardens dump, shipped it. About 250,000 tons were shipped overseas before the war.


The Port Stephens Pilot.

July 7, 1933.

The prospect of opening of operations on Alum Mountain causes interest locally. Newspapers contain paragraphs of a reassuring character, and even mention is made of the intentions of the new company over the air. Inquiry from the local official however is met with non-committal replies. We are all hopeful of a commencement at an early date.

Stroud Shire Council.

July 21, 1933.

J. Links, Solicitor, wrote re transfer of the Alum Mountain property to a syndicate, and asked for a permit for a train line.

The Clerk said the Alum Co.'s permit had lapsed.

On the motion of Crs. Kesteven and Harris, it was decided that a franchise be given, but on the condition that the road where the train line crosses be built up by solid sleepers and maintained in good order, and that the rent be the same as in the past.

The Port Stephens Pilot.

July 21, 1933.

Alum Mountain: Rumour has it that operations are to be in full swing on the Alum Mountain in the near future. This will be a great thing for the district and will absorb a number who are at present unemployed.


Stroud Shire Council.

August 21, 1933.

Mr. Links, Solicitor, Sydney, met the Council in deputation re the Bullahdelah Alum Mountain tramline.

Cr. Kesteven moved that the clerk be instructed to ask Mr. Links if he is willing to have the wharf curtailed so that their north end would be 5Oft from the timber and 6ft from the west of the tramline, up and on to the road. If this were done, Council could extend the lease as required.

The motion was seconded by Cr. Harris and carried.

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