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Firstly I wish to thank Web Ring for saving my first website after Geocities was shut down.

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Welcome to the second edition and the present activities of


Here is the photo of the twins our amazing photo of the identical twin fillies Aenita and Aenika by Mindari Aeniad (full brother to Aenzac)


what else has Mindari been up too since we were last online?


well I have acquired a Peruvian Paso mare and two fillies, I have always wanted and ambling horse since I first rode Pablo my cousins pony,  now i finally have not just one but three of these gliding horses. I will never understand why this gait is not prized in Australia and bred for, its the ultimate pleasure gait.


Saliente, a Smokey Black Pearl and Armisticia, a Palomino with their dam FF Ayacuchana, a Black Pearl.


Their Dam  FF Ayacuchana under saddle

 the fillies elder sister FF Amberina, a Palomino Pearl

this is a really interesting link to some mustangs in america, descended from the same Spanish horses the Peruvians came from, happy reading and make sure you check out all the pages on the site, very interesting



what really struck me was the inbreeding yet how often do we hear inbreeding is the cause of all ills?

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