The purpose of this site is to inform and enlighten believers and skeptics alike.  Could that eerie feeling or misty object seen be a paranormal phenomena, or could there be a natural explanation? Should you be afraid, or just  cautious?
Hopefully we can answer a few of those questions, or at least give you a bit of information you didn't have before.
Have you ever felt a ghostly presence?   When you got over being afraid, were you just a bit curious?
Ghostly  Presence?
The human mind is a curious thing.  Half of us want to see a ghost, the other half wants nothing more than to run screaming in the other direction.  Is it common sense or stupidity to make yourself stop and really see what you think you saw, or really listen to what you think you heard?

Okay, so what is it  about Ghost Hunters and Investigators?  What makes these individuals willingly go out and seek the unknown?
One reason could be to give a natural explanation to the phenomena they are investigating.   Did I hear a sigh of relief?  Or could that be disappointment?   Yes, part of you secretly hoped what you saw was real.

Oftentimes in our same-today-as-yesterday world, we hope to see a little something different, unusual and unknown.  Something to make us stop as ask ourselves "Did that really happen?" or "Did that really happen to me?". 
Healthy curiosity is not a bad thing, just balance that with a healthy skepticism and maybe you CAN believe half of what you see, but sometimes you can believe all of what you see,  because after all the natural explanations have been exhausted, perhaps the only one left is the unnatural one.  

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