Morris Mini Super Deluxe
Here in the UK the Mini car has now reached the age of 40 years old. The Mini looks like no other car on any roads across the world and yet never appears to date. The car in this feature was the 1st car I ever owned and one I have particular fond memories of. Having recently attended the offical 40th birthday party at the Silverstone Race circuit, It is obvious that the car has a tremendous following world wide. There were clubs present from as far a field as Japan, USA, Austrailia etc. If you have never driven a Mini, then you will not be aware of just how well these tiny cars perform, the handling is almost like they are on rails. Many different engines can be used to give the cars their performance.
My Mini in action during 1984
My mini was purchased in 1980 for 150. It was a standard Almond Green Mini 850cc Super Deluxe 1963. It slowly evolved to the vehicle you see above. First came the repaint in red then came a new more powerfull modified 1275cc engine. Roll cage, disc brakes, bucket seats, webber carbs were amongst many items added to improve the cars performance.
The car is seen cornering a tight hairpin bend at a local speed hillclimb event. This is where the vehicles are electronically timed between two points. The surface is smooth tarmac and of course! its uphill. Below is a picture of the car in its original state, complete with learner driver plate in the window.
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