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In the July 1997 Virtual Dog Show Rescue Match, Maynard won:

Be st in Mixed Breed Group

Fi fth in Show

Maynard (Nov 12, 1983 - Oct 10, 1999)

Maynard, our female beagle mix, has passed to the Rainbow Bridge. Check out Maynard's Memoirs for the story of her long and happy life.

Tabitha (Sept 15, 1986 - May 10, 2000)

Tabitha, our female mackerel tabby, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join her sister, Maynard. In September of 1995, Tabby was chosen as the InterPet (tm) Birthday Kitty of the month. Here is the special page honoring that occasion.


Princess is a 14 year old female tortoiseshell. Princess has a split personality, although she has certainly mellowed with age. She will either sit on your lap and purr or turn into a hissing bag of razors. In her free time, Princess makes toilet paper origami and hairball art.

Little Bit

Little Bit is a classic tabby. She is two years old and not very little anymore. Little Bit is very friendly. To her, a stranger is just a friend she hasn't met yet. Meep!!

Maynard and Tabitha

Maynard with Mom and Dad

Mother-Daughter Outfits

Sisters - Tabitha and Princess (in box)

Princess in repose

Little Bit plays "Peek-a-Boo"

Little Bit shows off her classic tabby swirls

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