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About Ryu Yume
Ryu Yume is the Japanese translation of Dragon Dreams, in case you're wondering.

This site(Ryu Yume II:Destiny Awakens) is actually the second version of the original Ryu Yume(Ryu Yume:Dragon Dreams). The first one was created almost a year ago.

Although the first Ryu Yume was created, I wasn't able to continue the construction of the site due to schoolwork and other important stuff. Now that it's my summer vacation, I've decided to continue building up the site, only to realize that I have no idea about what to do next(hey, you would too, if you haven't done it for a whole year!). And so I decided to start it off from scratch one again, and improved the overall design. I've added in a forum for the site, and the picture links are doing pretty well, especially with the arrival of BoFV for PS2.

To put it simply, Ryu Yume was made only for other BoF fans. There are many BoF sites all over the net, and one would feel left out with all the ruckus going on in each community. Why not start a community of your own, instead? And so I did. =^ _ ^=

Btw, you can still visit the old Ryu Yume site
here. There's pretty much nothing there, since the links aren't up, but, hey, check it out anyway.
Name: Masamune Yurei(or just plain Masa)

Other Names: Kaiser, baka saru, Eternityn00b, Meat Bun-sama, Gyo Enjou, Glenny, Yurei Neko, Terry, Teh N00b, Mog, Aro, whatever else that you peepz feel like calling me

Age: 13 (I'm gonna be 14 soon, so you'd all better get me something good!)

Gender: F

Occupation: Djka, student, and future manga artist!

Current Addictions/Obsession: Breath of Fire Whatever!

Favorite Characters: Ryu Bateson (BoF whatever) [he's probably one of my first obsessions...], Son Goku (Gensomaden Saiyuki) [baka sarus are kawaii!], Let (RaVe) [eeeewwww... I used to like this DBZ character look-alike? Bleagh...], Niea (Niea_7) [hmmm... yeah, she's still kawaii...], Judas/Leon Magnus/Emilio Katrea Gilchrist/whatever his name is (ToD/2) [hehe... he's hot. =^///^=], Dark Serge (CC) [he's ugly in the game, but he's pretty sexaaay in teh fanarts =^_____^=], Genso Hikari (EleM-my very own manga!^^) [uh-oh... I wasn't suppose to mention EleM on the net just yet...], Hiei (YYH) [another old obsession...], Seguchi Tohma (Gravitation) [hey, he's THE President! And he rOcKz!], Carrot Glace (Bakuretsu Hunters) [yeah, I know he's a pervert, but he's pretty cute so I'd forgive him], Nina 5(BoF5)[I like her 'cause she's teh cutest! =P]

Hobbies: drawing stuff and lurking and lurking some more

Interests: Anime, Manga, screen tones, and Breath of Fire (even up to now!! ^^)

Favorite Quote: "I rule teh world so HA!" or if I'm in a weird mood "I so love to rule this world that I'm ruling..." or when stuff rhyme(and even if they don't) "It rhymeseseseseseseseseseseseseseses!"

History: I was born, then I died, I traveled, then I entered the body of a little girl who had just passed away, and so, here I am! Cheers to me! XD LOLLOLLOL!!

What about BoF?: I love BoF, and I've dedicated my whole life to keeping the series on its toes/feet/knees/whatever. I played BoF I when I was 4, followed by II when I was 8, then III when I was 9, and finally, IV when I was 11. Now, I'm currently playing V/DQ. You might say I'm a freak and an absolutely insane weirdo, but, meh, I dun care... someday, I'll find a way to become one of Capcom's lackeys(lol) and force 'em to make me the artist for the future BoFs! Nyahahahahahahahhahahahaaaa!!!

Why I made Ryu Yume: Just a fan kind of thing. I love the series more than anything else, and I'll continue loving it, even if no more sequels are to be made... (hope not!!)

Teh BoF Anime: Yes, I want to make a BoF anime... or maybe even just a manga or something. Once I finish up college, I'm gonna start workin' on it! (Even if it's teh last thing my right hand would ever accomplish!) Wanna help me? Talk about it in the forums!
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