Fate and the High King's Falcon -- two new chapters, by Baylor
These two chapters did not make it into the first publication of the story. The original story was just the right length, and did not need the extra material that became this new Chapter 29, and Chapter 30 is a suggestion of what might have been had Pippin not healed so well, and it will bring tears to your eyes, else you are made of stone! Llinos wrote some new stanzas of her lovely Lay of Peregrin Took for Chapter 30, and I wrote a portion of Chapter 29 with Baylor. All of us hope that you like the new material! I have given the link directly to Chapter 29, which fits directly between Chapters 20 and 21 in the original storyline.

Berry's Tale by Sunhawk
This was written for a challenge on Ringprov, which is a great LiveJournal group for writers and readers alike. This particular tale involves a story handed down through generations of hobbits and is a tribute to oral traditions as well as being a good hobbity story. It is the tale of Berry, a very adventurous young hobbit who gets a little more excitement than he bargained for. Merry and Pippin also make an appearance.

Tea and Small Talk by Baylor
Beta-ing the first chapter of Baylor's newest story has made me remember how much I love this one. It's the first meeting of tiny Pippin and Gandalf, and I love the way they hit it off. It is a wonderful backstory, and I think of it whenever I watch the films. I have always thought that Pippin and Gandalf were close, and this story really captures what the beginning of their friendship might have been like. Bilbo, Frodo and Merry are also featured in the story, and all of the characterisations are spot on.

Recaptured! by Llinos
The newest chapter of this story, Chapter 120, is seriously the best fanfic that I have read this week, so although I recommended this story the first week this page started, I am going to recommend it again. Anyway, as it is a work in progress I think the story definitely warrants a second recommendation. In this latest instalment there is a bit of owyn and Faramir, and some nice interaction between Pippin and Legolas, as well as an appearance by several other characters, but what blew me away was what happens to Merry. Yikes! I don't want to give it away, but it is such an exciting read that my stomach still flops after multiple readings and my heart is in my throat. I knew the plot before she wrote the chapter, and still it makes me tremble! Poor Merry! And it isn't going to get any better for him very soon I am afraid, poor little guy . . .

The link I am giving you is to Chapter 119, the one just before the latest one, because that chapter has a nice synopsis of what has happened recently in case you haven't checked out the story in a while. If you would like to start the story from the very beginning you will find those links at the bottom of this page.

Risto Vae by Elanor Gardner
This is a lovely fic that involves Bilbo using a very special pair of scissors to cut a tween-aged Frodo's hair, telling a story to Sam and Frodo as he does so in an attempt to teach and reassure both lads in different ways. The story he tells has several different meanings, on several different levels, and includes Gilraen and Estel. Sam's mother, Bell, also is mentioned. This was quite well written, and I really liked the author's style.

A Slight Case of Magnificence by Zebra Wallpaper
Though this tale is only up to Chapter 5 and I usually like to direct folks to completed stories because I know from experience how hard it is to wait for the next chapters, I am going to go ahead with my recommendation and hope to get all of you as enamoured of this tale as I am. Maybe it will get you to nudge the author to write faster! It is primarily Merry and Pippin, at a turning point in Merry's life, but unlike most Merry and Pippin fics all is not perfect between them and this fact doesn't make the story less enjoyable, it makes it more believable and realistic without detracting in the least from their close bond. The great familial love and friendship that they have for each other is clear and obvious, but they both have their faults as well, just as we all do. Thain Peregrin doesn't show the greatest wisdom, though his failing in this story is primarily due to his care and love for his only child, and Master Meriadoc has been hiding some things from Pippin over the years, probably a reaction of his being the elder cousin, meaning to shield Pippin from pain, but Merry's secretiveness seems to me to be a betrayal of their closeness nonetheless. We shall all find out Merry's motives together, as I am not completely sure of my guesses either! Young Faramir is a dynamic catalyst between the two older cousins, and I love the way his character is written here; he is both old and young, innocent and wise, though he is but eight years old. Estella is also featured. Definitely a story to check frequently for updates!

Sam's Lament by Shireling
A beautiful poem written by Shireling to commemorate Frodo and Bilbo's Birthday on September the 22nd. It is written from Sam's perspective as he watches Frodo's ship sail away and shows a brilliant and loving understanding of why Frodo needed to leave Middle-earth, and reveals above all Sam's strength in their parting and the depth of his love for his friend. It might make you cry, but it will also bring you joy. It did me.

Some Light Mischief by Kit Fox
NC-17 Warning This story has one of the most amazing, insightful love letters in it that I have ever read. The story starts out in movie-verse, with Merry and Pippin unexpectedly joining Frodo and Sam on the Quest. While watching Pippin sleep in Bree, Merry is inspired to write of his hidden feelings for him, but the letter is lost, only to be found by Pippin, who has no idea that the thoughts are about him, or who the author might be. The story continues through the first night after arriving in Rivendell, and those of you that might not be slash lovers can safely read the story almost to the end before you encounter anything that you might consider too graphic. I recommend this for those who enjoy slash, and even for those who dont simply for the content of the letter and the love it represents.

Currents by Jeodo Brandybuck
This is a very enjoyable and hobbity story, in which seven-year-old Pippin is left at Bag End, spoiling Merry's holiday with Frodo through no fault of his own. I really enjoyed the relationships between the characters in this story; Pippin, Merry, Frodo and Sam are just right. There is an exciting adventure that might have ended much worse for Merry had little Pippin not been there, a hysterical chapter in which Pippin meets Lobelia, and the story culminates in a wonderfully descriptive birthday party at Bag End that has the Brandybucks, Tooks, and Cottons in attendence, among others. You will also find the sequel to this story, River Stones, at this link.

A Very Dark, Very Wet, and Very Miserable Morning by Thundera Tiger
The Mouth of Sauron and one of the chief torturers of Barad-dur are having a very bad day at the office! Dark, tongue-in-cheek, and riotously funny. This ficlet has some mentions of torture, but all meant in fun!

Doomed to Live by fliewatuet
A well-written AU in progress in which Boromir does not die at Parth Galen and Aragorn is taken captive with Merry and Pippin. A wounded Boromir struggles to keep up with Gimli and Legolas as they track their abducted companions, and Aragorn is hard pressed to keep himself alive among the orcs. Very exciting so far!

The History of Us by Daisy Gamgee
NC-17 Warning If you have never heard of this ongoing series I would be very much surprised, as it is the crme de la crme of Lord of The Rings-centered slashfic. For those of you who do not know what slash is, it is a pairing of a sexual nature between two individuals of the same gender. This series, except for the first few chapters, is primarily NC-17, so all younger readers, and all those who do not like or do not approve of slash, stay far, far away. Those of you who have never read slash before may find that this story is the one that changes your mind as it is a work of art. This is one of the best written fics that I have ever read, slash or non-slash, and is more on the level of true erotica. It is above all things very much a love story -- the love story of Merry and Pippin, from the day that Pippin was born, and shows how their relationship changes and develops through the years. The love and devotion that these two characters share in Daisy's AU is beyond amazing. Frodo and Sam and many other familiar hobbits also appear in the series. I love Daisy's characterisations and look forward to each and every carefully crafted chapter. A very happy birthday week to you, Daisy!

Snowball Fight by Budgielover
One of my favourite stories by Budgielover, Snowball Fight takes us up Caradhras, and back down and beyond. The characterisations are done brilliantly in this tale, and it features the entire Fellowship, and the hobbits see quite a bit of action. Everyone has their chance to be a hero, and to draw upon their individual strengths. Budgielover is known for her cliffhangers and this story is no exception. Just when you think our heroes are safe she throws them (and us) another curve. I also like the way she draws upon her personal experiences growing up in Alaska to make the cold surroundings so realistic. There are several unforgettable scenes but I think one of my absolute favourites is Pippin's victory dance! I won't tell you anymore, you'll just have to read the story.

Gift of Life by Fileg
Merry and Gimli prepare gifts for the wedding of Aragorn and Arwen, each using not just their own personal talents, but crafting gifts according to their individual races as well. In addition to the theme of the preparation of gifts there is also a comfortable sense of camaraderie here that I liked very much, and the surprise each one has in the skill of the other shows that the companions, close as they may be, can still surprise one another.

A Day on the River by Oselle
This story is simply wonderful, and one of the few I have ever seen that gives us a glimpse of Frodo's parents -- even better, it is a glimpse of Frodo with his parents! The tale is a description of a hot July day that the little family spends together boating on the Brandywine when Frodo is only three years old. It is filled with the obvious love between father, mother and son, of Frodo's childish wonder in the delights to be found on the river, the quiet joy of being with the ones you love most in all of the world, and is a description of a perfect, hobbity day -- at least if you are a Brandybuck! There are also some darker moments, and portents of what lies in wait for both Frodo and his parents, but these are not overdone. The dialogue is superb and the characters and descriptions very believable and enjoyable. I was so taken by Frodo's day with his parents and my thought that this was only one of similar days that the family spent together over the coming years that I actually wrote a drabble about how deeply it touched him, which you can find here if you like, but only after you read her exceptional tale.

Avalanche by Shirebound
I think this is my favourite Shirebound story. It features the entire Fellowship, and what they go through to survive both on Caradhras and after. The main focus for a good part of the story is on Frodo and Pippin, both injured in an avalanche -- Frodo physically and Pippin emotionally. All of their companions rally round to heal them, and struggle to survive themselves in the bitter cold. And even after descending the mountain they are not out of danger, for evil has been watching and waiting for its chance. Lots of Frodo-angst and healing for those of you that like that sort of thing, yet not overly done and it is necessary for the telling of the story but not the purpose of it. There is also a lot of interaction between the members of the Fellowship and quite a bit of excitement towards the end, and there are plenty of hobbity moments, which always makes me happy!

Fate and The High King's Falcon
by Baylor
This is one of the best stories I have ever read, though perhaps I shouldn't say that, as I had a hand in it myself, but I will anyway. Baylor put months of work into this story, as did I, and as did the wonderful Llinos, who wrote the most incredible song for it, The Lay of Peregrin Took; a piece of literary art that would make Tolkien proud. The first few stanzas of the Lay are specific to the childhood of Pippin and his cousins, and are better understood if you first read Baylor's tale I Always Know You, but it will stand on its own just as well. The story itself begins when Pippin is found by Gimli on the battlefield outside the Black Gate, and progresses through his healing and slow recovery, his setbacks and victories, and his honours, and also features all of the surviving members of the Fellowship and their part in Pippin's survival and recovery. It is a marvelous tale for its spot-on characterisations, the relationships of everyone involved, and it takes the reader on a roller-coaster through every sort of emotion there is. And for those of you that already know and love this tale there is a bit of a sequel in the works . . . seems there may be some "missing" chapters . . . but that is a bit in the future, I am afraid. Till then this tale is always great for a reread!

Recaptured! by Llinos
Chapters 1 through 92
Chapters 93 onward
Recaptured! by Llinos is a story that should not be missed! It is my favourite fanfic story and it is a rollercoaster ride of humour, angst , drama, heroics, love, danger . . . Well, you get the idea. She has just rewritten the first three chapters, and is always striving to make this story the best it can be. Its a long-running AU that has me waiting eagerly for the next chapter, as I am never sure what remarkable plot twists are going to pop off the page, and Im the beta and know the basic plot! Merry and Pippin are the main characters, followed closely by Legolas, and in the later chapters owyn and now Faramir, but at some point every LoTR character imaginable has come into the tale, as well as some terrific original characters including some orcs that are so popular they now have fans of their own! I started reading this from day one, eventually started to beta it, and actually had the privilege of going over England and beta-ing over Llinos shoulder for a few months. I won't let her end this epic journey for our heroes until she reaches 150 chapters, and then there is a sequel planned. I recommend all of Llinos' stories, so go and read them, and review!

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