. . . and you thought you were safe . . . HA!

The parody princess of the night has been given a larger access to the 'net . . . her own homepage! Aaah . . . run away!! NO! WAIT! I was kidding! At least browse this strange concoction first, then RUN! And tell all of your friends! Why?
'Cause you like me!

Okay, so what does this page have to offer? Pictures and info on the GREATEST band in the world, of course!

As well as links to other lep lovers' homepages and also to miscellaneous pages of interest. Not to mention articles, interviews, transcripts (like the one for the Behind the Music special), along with oh so much more!!

And lots of ME! (Ha! Scared you, didn't I?)

Last updated: April 26, 2003

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Oh, this is where the disclaimer comes in . . .
This is completely non-profit and fan-based. I do this to amuse myself and I am only involved with the guys in my dreams. Hehehe. In other words, me and this homepage are no way affiliated with anybody from the band or label. (I bet you ten to one they don't even know I exist). I don't even get paid to do this. Also, if I have anything offensive or something I'm not supposed to have, let me know! Please! This page is merely for amusement and for you all to have a little giggle now and then. If I do post something horrid, go to my email address and complain! That's why it's posted!

This is also a good time to let you know that most of the stuffing in this turkey is copyrighted by Def Leppard, Bludgeon Riffola, and Polygram Records. They reserve the right to kick my butt if I do anything slanderous, offensive, or just down right tasteless .... in other words: BEING COMPLETELY MYSELF! (and they catch me!)

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