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This is my view of fibrofog and here are some stories of what happens when fibrofog hits.

You know when fibrofog hits if/when:

You're ready to leave the grocery store, you've loaded all the groceries into the car and as your leaving the parking lot you have to ask your 10 year old daugher how to get home.

You walk out the front door more than twice in one week without your keys. Get locked out. Have to wake your husband (who works the night shift), only to have him open the door and hand you your keys. Which were hanging on the hook (where they belong) by the front door, so you wouldn't forget them anymore. "DUH"

At your daughters graduation you "try" to introduce your best friend to your parents and you forget her name.

You ask the kids to take out the "dog", only you can't remember the word "dog" so you end up asking the kids to take out the furry barking thing.

The kids are helping to clean the house. You are looking at the couch, pointing at the couch, and thinking "please clean the couch", only to have it come out "please clean off the table". ( I get really weird looks for this one because we don't even own a table).

Please e-mail me if you would like to add some fibrofog stories to this page.

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