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~* Hello and Welcome *~

My name is Celina and I'm very pleased to meet you.

**~ I'm SO excited ~**

The images you'll find here at Blue Ridge Graphics are my very first attempts at creating linkware.

All my graphics have been made using Adobe Photoshop v. 5.0, exclusively.

Obviously, I'm still learning :)

I've tried to keep my designs neat and simple, yet pleasant and attractive, because, after all...

it's the content of your pages that's important... NOT the graphics.

And, as necessity would have it, this site is basically just like all the other graphic sites
you've passed through on the internet, except for one, very small, minute, insignificant detail.

This one is *MINE* and I'm so pleased to be able to share it with you :)


Please come back now and then to check for improvements.

I mentioned before that Blue Ridge Graphics is similar to most other graphic sites on the net.

But in the event you've missed this part in your travels so far, please have a look at...

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