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Once Upon A Time...
A beautiful waitress and her father met up with a dog who wasn't a dog but a prince who'd been turned into a dog...
  And then the most evil woman in the world escaped from prison and sent three bad trolls, and a very dangerous wolf to find the prince...
   And then the wolf fell in love with the waitress and didn't know whether he wanted to love her or eat her...
   Don't worry, It's not confusing.  It's just the 10th Kingdom...
Click on the green fairy below to see divas&fairies&imps that i've adopted or created.  These are not related to The 10th Kingdom.
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Ok I've found some cute quizzes to take.  So click on this link to check them out.  I'll be adding more as I find them.  Enjoy!!
Updated July 17, 2004:  OK i've been gone for awhile and havent been able to get to a computer since Feb.  But i'm back and will be doing some new things to the site in the next week.
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