Tips and Hints
On the Ranch
You don't need to bother remembering what your monster's favorite foods or items are, because their favorites will always be at the top of the list, when you're next to them.
Level 4 training gadgets use the most energy from your monsters, and level 1 training uses the least. Keep that in mind when assigning monsters to training.
Scolding is necessary if your monster performs really bad without hunger or fatigue. But don't scold often or your monster will become frustrated.
If you just want to add to your monster book, you can test out combinations. When they ask if you want to take the monster home with you, say "no", and it'll be in your book, but you'll still have your 2 original frozen monsters.
You should save the game right before a major official competition. That way if you lose, you can just restart and try again. Thats how I got my first Class S monster.
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