The Monsters
of Monster Rancher 4
There are hundreds of monsters in this game! One of the things I like best about Monster Rancher 4 is that you can use DVDs, CDs, or other games to generate new monsters. I illustrated 20 of them for you here, and listed the DVDs I used to make them.
name: Eagle King
type: Artificial
source: DVD "Signs"
name: Dino
type: Beast
source: DVD "Dinotopia"
name: Ecologia
type: Sprite
exploration: Can learn Dirt Search
source: DVD "Sesame Street: Kids Fav. Songs"
name: White Mocchi
source: DVD "Ice Age"
name: Icebergy
type: Beast
source: DVD "Batman" widescreen
name: Rock Dragon
type: Spirit
exploration: Can learn Flight Ride
source: DVD "Chicken Run"
name: Duck Fever
source: DVD "Cats & Dogs"
name: TumuDillo
type: Beast
source: DVD "Wolf"
name: Rhinoroller
type: Fanciful
source: DVD "2001: a Space Odyssey"
name: Freebird
type: Beast
source: DVD "Maverick"
name: Pink Golem
type: Artificial
source: DVD "Joseph and the Amazing
Technicolor Dreamcoat"
name: Henger
type: Artificial
exploration: Can learn Power Ride
sources: DVDs "Lagaan", "Harry Potter 1",
"Dumbo", "True Lies", and more
name: ShogunMogi
type: Beast
source: DVD "Monster's Inc" disk 1
name: "Roseocobra"
type: Fanciful
source: DVD "Snow White"
name: MochiPlant
type: Sprite
source: DVD "Groundhog Day" widescreen
name: GattchaRin
type: Sprite
source: DVD "Monster's Inc" disk 2
type: Beast
source: DVD "American Beauty"
name: Suezo
type: Fanciful
source: DVD "Elmo's World: Families, etc."
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