As the game progresses, you'll be able to explore places with your monsters. Exploration is useful for gaining new moves, finding treasure, and making progress in the game with boss battles. The treasure chests usually hold ordinary items like yarn, but sometimes you can find stone tablets which can be used to make new training gadgets. In the green chests you can sometimes find documents that can be read at the library. In rare cases, you can find saucer stones (such as beast stones, or fancy stones), which can be used at the shrine to make new monsters!
If one of your monsters gains an ability such as "Cave Search" or "Dirt Search" you can search in extra spots for treasure.
Togle Caves (5 floors)
Togle Caves is the first place you'll be able to explore. Also the first two boss battles take place here. The random monster battles here are pretty easy, so it's ok to take your weaker monsters here to gain new moves.
Kalaragi Jungle (7 floors)
Kalaragi Jungle is the second place you and your monsters can explore. Random battles are tougher than in Togle Caves, so your #1 monster should be at least a C ranking. Here you can find stones such as ACC stones, INT stones, etc. These are used when combining monsters to add extra points to certain abilities, such as accuracy or defence. There are boss battles here too, including a Giant Suezo with a hook for a hand.
Move your mouse over the treasure chest to see a fancy stone
Promiass Ruins
When one of your monsters reaches Class S, you'll be able to explore the Promiass Ruins. Your #1 monster should have at least an A Class ranking here. For Floor 6 and further on, your #1 monster should be S Class, because the enemies get really tough. When you see a door blocked by a wall, you need to go look for the switch that open the door. To get over the spikes on the floor you can use flight ride or power ride. You can find silver tablets here, that can make an effect gadget.
Exploration Abilities
Cave Search- You can search small caves in the Togle Caves, or tree trunk holes in the Kalaragi Jungle for treasure chests. Garu learns this ability.
Dirt Search- Dig in the dirt patches for treasure. Some monsters that can learn this ability are Ant. Blue and Ecologia.
Flight Ride- Ride your monster to fly over barriers. Rock Dragon is one of the monsters that can learn this ability. Press R1 to use this ability.
Water Search- Search for treasure in the water. LavaLessie is one of the monsters who can learn this ability.
Power Ride- Press R1 to ride your monster past dangerous areas. Henger can learn this ability.
There are other exploration abilities and I'll write about them soon.
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