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Fetish and Latex Model

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a perverse nature can be stimulated by anything...

I survived the horror of his death
and now I'm very angry.
How dare you judge
insignificant little worm
what remains
what I am
as I am
and because I am?
I did not choose to survive
then disappear in your little insignificant life blind
and let me be
because he loved me to madness
because I am so
because he knew very well that I lived only for him


Adorabile ecclettica?
•performance fetish/bdsm, burlesque
•fetish photoshootings (latex, gothic, pvc, leather, corsets, high heels, nylon stockings, costumes)
•video fetish-BDSM
•pin-up, gothic, lolita, vampires, vintage
•fashion / lingerie

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