Surrendering My Body to Eros

I stand still

holding my breath

as you tear apart my binder

unlocking the hooks

telling a story

of my creation as woman

unraveling what gives life

to the just-born.

You suck buttons on my chest

though aching with thirst.

Life taken in

cleansing your soul.

I wince. . . .

The scene:

a man, single-edge blade

on the bathroom counter.

I wince again

lying of reality


escalation of breath


Hands slither, slowly, gently

around my body.

A hand dropping to a band

pulling down,

pulling the man

taking it away.

I wince. . . .

The scene:

an arm, asterisk engraved

2 a.m. in the morning.

I wince again

lying of reality

floating to nirvana.


chant the muses

as my maleness is lost

as I let mind go

surrendering my body

to Eros.



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