hiding as i walk

i donít want to be here


i have to

canít i get out of it?


i walk around them

try to avoid them

but i am unable

fuck here it comes

1 2 3 here i am

bang goes the gun

i see them

they are in my face

and i have to follow through

sort through them

find my size

why canít i buy the other type?

i know they donít fit,


do i really have

to succumb

to the agony of

having the female

side of me

thrown into my face?

this hurts

i am covered with bruises

bruises that are invisible to them,

except to me

they, the ones on the inside

the ones who live a normal life

who are not trapped in a body

that is not of their own


older i get the more i get.

i have to put up

with the shit

dishedup and i eat

i donít have a choice

because i have a body

that i canít change

i donít have the ability

if only i was Godly

then i could

in my dreams

in the decree

that doesnít exist

if it did

it would allow

me to be who i want to be.

people donít want me to be

who i want to be

they want me to suffer

be in pain

they want to torture

that is fun to them.

will i ever be in peace?

even when i am dead

will my soul

still be in agony?

of course

that is what

people want

the normal ones

who live in a world

of their own

seeing only one way

when i have seen both.




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