Combat Practice

     Combat practices for KTR are held at O'Fallon's Civic Park every Sunday from approximately 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Practice may be cancelled if it is raining or has rained enough in the previous days to make the ground muddy and slick.

When the weather is cooler, the magic number is 45 degrees. If the temperature will not be above 45, we will not practice. Usually this means we begin the year in late March or early April (it's usually rainy too) and end in mid- to late October.

Call King Olaf at (314)240-6641 or King Frederic at (314)561-3560 if you have any questions. Practices are open to any one, male or female over the age of 13.

One consideration made for those under 16: a parent or guardian must attend a practice and talk with either of the kings before being allowed to participate.

To get to the park:

From westbound Hwy 70:

Take the Hwy K exit. Make a right on Hwy K, go to the railroad tracks (you will pass through "old towne" O'Fallon). Make a left turn immediately after the tracks, follow the road down and around the hill past the pool. At the bottom of the hill there is small parking lot. We will be there or past the pavillion under a small patch of trees.

From eastbound Hwy 70:

Take the Bryan Road exit. (It's the third exit past Hwy 40/61.) Make a left hand turn to the North Outer Road. Make a right hand turn and follow the outer road to the Woodlawn overpass. (It's a four-way stop sign.) Turn left and follow the street through a residential subdivision until it deadends into "Civic Road". The park is straight ahead. Go into the parking lot. You should be able to see our group.

Last Updated August 27, 2000


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