My Beliefs

Belief in Deity:
I believe in a Supreme Being -- the duality of God (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) and Goddess (the Mother, the Maiden and the Crone). The Deity is all and within all; all are one Deity -- regardless of what name we call him or her. Divinity may become manifest within anyone at any time. He/she is all-loving and all-seeing, allmighty but not onmipotent, and but sometimes needs human agents to execute his/her divine will.

I believe what actions we do affects others, and other's actions affect me. This is also known as 'kharma'. You must think about your actions and act responsibly. We were not meant to simply wander about doing whatever seems right, without regard to a goal, and the impact of that goal. We have a responsibility to ourselves, and to each other.

No human incarnations are worshipped in particular, as all of nature and the universe are considered embodiments of God and Goddess (and thereby worthy of respect, reverence, or worship).

Origin of Universe and Life
There is no conflict with observations of evolution revealed through science. We evolved under the eyes of the Deity, and discovered the spirit world once we had evolved far enough to perceive it.

After Death
I believe that the Goddess (or God, for males) will embrace us in loving arms at the moment of our death and take us to rest and recovery in the grey place in the Otherworld (which is also called the Spirit World or the Overworld), where our souls join dead friends/ancestors in watching over (and protecting) those we loved in life. I also believe that our souls are regularly reincarnated so that we do not lose touch with our humanity -- though it is often difficult to consciously remember anything of past lives while we inhabit bodies of flesh and blood.

Why is there Evil?
"Evil" is caused by imbalance. Wrong doing results when we forget we are one with the universal and make the mistake(whether deliberate or not) of believing that our actions occur in a vacuum. Even if we are not punished for it in this life, we WILL be called to account for it in the Otherworld.

This is not something that we can be given (not even by the Almighty).

My behavior is not regulated by a fear of what awaits me after death. Everything, and everyone, is connected. What we do to one another, and to our World, we do to ourselves. We are rewarded or punished for our choices, either in this lifetime or once we reach the Otherworld.

Undeserved Suffering:
This is a result of imbalance in the universe. If the Almighty were to prevent alll undeserved suffering, then we would lose the freedom of will that gives us our sentience. It is our duty to do our best to relieve such suffering wherever we may find it.

Other Miscellaneous Issues:

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