Kay MacDonald is a character in the Darkover On-Line Role Playing Game (RPG). Any resemblance to any real person (living or dead) is just a coincidence.

Read the latest updates to character profiles for: Kay, her friend Anwyn, and her friend Louis. There's also character profiles for Kay's animal companions: Mairead the Cat, Amadaine the Hawk, Oberon the Barn Owl, and Uilleam the Dog

If you're curious, you can sneak a peek at Kay's Personal Diary or read all sorts of stories about her various adventures and misadventures on Cottman IV ("Darkover").

There's also Kay's Personal Notebook, in which she's been collecting all sorts of interesting things that don't really belong in her diary.

Most of the great Celtic art you'll find here, is thanks to Cari Buziak's FREE clipart. You can find it for yourself at her site www.aon-celtic.com

DISCLAIMER: The members of the Darkover mailing lists have been recreating Darkover online, as a way of thanking MZB and her co-authors for all the work they did for the enjoyment of many. This RPG was not endorsed or authorized by MZB, her Estate, or any of her co-authors. To avoid infringing on existing characters and/or official plotlines, it takes place a number of generations after the events described in Exile's Song, Shadow Matrix, and Traitor's Sun.

As part of her fan community, I joined this RPG as a way of helping to keep MZB's world alive (and in the hope that the RPG would lead to more people buying copies of more of her books).

Darkover is copyright Marion Zimmer Bradley (and the Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Trust). All my Darkover fan fiction is my best attempt at parodying her style and is meant as a thank-you gift to her (and her heirs).

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