King Aviaries
~ Site Dedicated to the breeding and preservation
of the Australian King Parrots and other exotic birds ~
Welcome to King Avaries, where we breed and sell a variety of exotic parrots, parrakeets and finches.  We have been breeding and hand raising birds for over 15 years, and our main goal is quality not quantity.  On this page you will find several examples of our finest specimens.  Feel free to contact us with any questions on our current stock.
Contact Information:
Michael Rego and John Almeida
200 Chaplin Drive
Coventry, RI, 02816
(401) 397-4441
~ Ambonia King Parrot ~
~ Rabino Rosellas ~
~ Australian King Parrot ~
~ Rabino Rosellas ~
~ Mulga Parrakeet ~
~ Both: Fiery Rosellas ~
~ Ambonian King and Australian King ~
~Golden Mantle Split-Fiery Cinnamon ~
Other Birds Available:
(Call for availibility)

All Mutations of Gouldians
All Mutations of Rosellas
Owl Finches
European Gold Finches
Purple Grenadiers

And Many Others!
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