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Disney Villains
Take a look at some of Disney's most evil characters

Villain of the Month
August 2004

"I think Malefecient should be Villain of the month. I think she is so cool! She is my most favorite villain. I think she is the most powerful villain ever. I think Malefecient is the best villain there is I also think she is the most evil villain of all. Make Malefecient for villain of the month! " -William G.

Dramatic, comic, or just plain evil, here is a glimpse at some of Disney's villains. They are listed in the order of my favorites to those I could have done without.

Help choose the villain of the month! Tell me who your favorite villain is and why they should be the next villain of the month. Comments about the winning villain will be posted on this page. Their picture will also appear in the Villain's Winner Circle (as shown above). So help your favorite villain finally be victorious, vote now!

We have a brand new poll in addition to the Villain of the Month contest. Poll will close September 30th. Vote Now!

The Villains:

My absolute favorite among villains. What makes Frollo such a good villain is he is by far the most realistic. He is evil to the core....manipulative, cruel, and dramatic. Frollo has the look and the personality of the perfect male villain.

The queen of all that is evil. She has to be one of the most unforgettable and powerful Disney villains to ever appear on the screen. She is evil just for the sake of being evil and no one can stop her.

Hades is one of my favorite villains because he can pull of being mean and cruel, yet comic at the same time. He is a very well developed character and extremely entertaining to watch.

CHERNABOG: to bring chills to the audience without ever having to say a word. Chernabog is definitely a great looking villain. Just his very presence screams evil. I think the animation of Chernabog is the best out of every other Disney villain.

Eccentric, outrageous, and a totally out of control driver...Cruella is the perfect mixture for good Disney villain fun. Her features suite her well as does her creative name.

The pirate that will stop at nothing to get his hands on Peter Pan. Hook is a very well developed villain and brings much to the movie. After all, who is Peter Pan without Captain Hook?

This is one bad lion....cruel and power-hungry. He is definitely a top male villain. He carries off evil with style, he has no need to act violently for his powers are mental abuse and some hyena hit men.

Not truly an evil character...more insane, but she does provide a lot of comic relief. Mim is just one of those goofy villains you can't help but love.

A power-crazed female...hungry for revenge on the ones who made her an outcast, Ursula is truly cruel. Ursula holds a powerful presence when on screen. The viewer just can't help but pay attention to her and her evil motives.

This is one scary villain...I first saw this movie when I was five years old. The Horned King gave me shivers ever since.

An evil sorcerer who's main goal in life is to obtain power. Jafar is a wonderful male villain. What makes him nice to watch is he has such a varying personality. But one thing is certain, he is definitely evil.

We all would hate to have someone like this in our family. Lady Tremain, also know as "the wicked step- mother" is definitely not a villain to mess with. What is great about her is she radiates evil in every scene.

Gaston turns out to be a good villain, but it takes him a while to get there. You can tell from the beginning of the movie he is not the greatest guy (prideful, conceded, and inconsiderate) but his true villainous qualities do not show until the end of the film.

Here we have another vain character. She is definitely evil and a believable villain. However, I just don't think that she is as great as some of the villains that were mentioned earlier.

Shan-Yu was an excellent, but a little too typical, bad guy. However, he was a very effective villain for the little screen time that he was offered. He was also pretty well developed for such a short time in front of the audience.

The audience is allowed to see Clayton's villainous ways from the very beginning, however it takes till the near end of the movie for the characters to realize he is evil. Clayton has no respect for animals, plants, or any type of life. All that he cares about is money, and will do anything to obtain it.

Not too bad of a Disney villain, but not too great of one either. Prince John does not leave the audience with a strong impression. He comes off more as being cute and cuddly rather than nasty and mean.

Ratcliff was an okay villain. He convinced me that he was evil, however, he just seemed too weak. He didn't really take much action, most of the time he was just plotting.

Very underdeveloped. He might of come across better if the audience knew more about his character. Still, his cool laid back style almost redeems the underdevelopment. This character had a lot of potential, it was just not carried off well.

Ratigan the World's Most Famous...oohhh...don't say Rat or it's curtains for you when it comes to this villain. Besides being touchy about being a rat, Ratigan is extremely power-hungry and bent on vengeance against his archenemy Basil.

Not exactly evil, and definitely not good, she leaves the audience confused. The reason she is so low on my list is I found the constant screaming of "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" a bit annoying.

Very short screen time, not enough time to get to know the villain, and therefore not a very effective one.

Very poorly developed and designed. One of the worst villains to date.

Disney's worst villain. Bad development, bad personality, just horrible.

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