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Hello and welcome

I am Pat,and John is a very dear friend of mine.We decided to start a homepage together,and now it has grown to be 17 pages.I had help on my first page by Suzeq,Lacinda,and Stu,ofcourse i have changed them since then,but please visit their homepages.Crissy helped with a couple of them too,so please visit her homepage.

I have since then learned how to do the rest of them myself. A very big special thank you to: Suzeq and Lacinda2 and Stu and Chrissy

There are many pages for you to look at, We hope you find them interesting and enjoy them. The backgrounds and heading were made by me.Please don't take them. Thank you, and have a good day!

Pat & John

Here are some friends Home pages

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LLoyds Norm's Ladywolf's
Windy's Pegasus Watkins Glen
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Aunt Suzan Christy's Bob's
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Midnight's Cougar's Milwaukee_frog's
Dynomite's Mike H's Mike G's

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