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I am so happy that I have finally learned how to create animated images and snowglobes!! So, in real life I have an antique corner shelf that was given to my mother as a child that's actually made out of wooden thread spools. And on it, I keep all my little knick-knacks that are very sentimental to me. So...this is my virtual korner shelf. And on this page are where my gifts will be displayed, my animated snow globes I have finally learned to create and snow globes that I have adopted from other pages.
If you would like me to create a snowglobe for you, just feel free to contact me through my Home page. ***DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THESE GRAPHICS WITHOUT MY CONSENT***

(This bordered background set was created by me using PSP6 - :c))
This is my very first snowglobe.
O.K. So do you want to adopt a snowglobe from me? Every season/holiday I will post a new snowglobe here. If there's a snowglobe you'd like to order for a special occasion or special person, just feel free to email me.
Now to do this requires that you follow these steps
1. Right click the image to the right  with your mouse. Click Save Image As...(name it) and o.k.             ---->
2. Right click the banner image below with your mouse. Click Save Image As...(name it) and o.k.
3. Upload images to your server and onto your page.
4. Link my banner image to the following URL: http://webspace.webring.com/people/uk/karenality/index.html
This snowglobe was given to me
as a gift from
Fairy AngelStar.
Thank you!!
The banner
to the right
is a gift sent to
me from Spirit
Fairy Golden Dawn.
Thank you!!
The 2 snowglobes above are adopted
from Fairy AngelStar's site.
Please click on the banner below.
This snowglobe is a Christmas gift
from a net friend, Pats.
Thank you!!
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