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All hail the old geocities BattleTech pages! This will be my own personal hommage to the best of them. A redux of sorts and totally anachronistic in concept, I hope it nevertheless fulfils your every need! :-)

During the last half year I have been very busy with my academic (hah!) and private life. The already diminished BattleTech energy that I have has been quite thoroughly swallowed by a bit of good luck that came my way, leaving very little time for this page. It's definitely an exciting project, and if something comes out of it, I'll be sure to post a note.

Under construction, especially the yellow bits.

Current updates:
   Cestus (TRO Challenge) - if I don't get the Record Sheets up by tomorrow (Sunday April 19th), you can point and laugh at me

Castle Brian - the vault in which all things LosTech find refuge. Now open and partially completed, but still a long way to go...

Lost and Gone Forever
- where the lost lie. A personal tribute to the two old BattleTech sites that originally kindled my lust for LosTech.

The Holo-Tank - here you will access jymset's personal words of wisdom on BattleTech tactics. And more. Effectively, this is the non-LosTech section of the page.

HPG Uplink - aka links! It is a rather personal take and hence a rather strange little selection. They all have two things in common; thay all have BattleTech content or context and I highly recommend each and every one of them.

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An introduction

This page is dedicated to the science-fiction board-/ tabletop-/ wargame

BattleTech's lasting appeal is its rich history, with more than 100 published novels or sourcebooks; its non-alien race setting; its roots in a galaxy-wide post-apocalyptic setting. The latter has changed a bit in the past 20+ years.

For many people, the good old days of <3025 still represent the true heart and soul of BattleTech. Connected to that is a certain mythology of the early publication history of the original company, FASA. Many of the early publications have attained legendary status, without common knowledge what they contained. Even more confusion is spread by at least 2 magazines that were at one time official: StarDate, originally an in-house publication dedicated to FASA's StarTrek game and BattleTechnology, an extremely cool in-character publication originally created by
William H. Keith, Jr.

These magazines were official at the time of publications - they continue to influence the BattleTech universe until today (most recently with the inclusion of several BattleTechnology designs in TRO:3075). They were an extremely worthy resource for any BattleTech related information.

It is the fascination with the magazines that has led me to put up this page. Yet I was not the first one to dedicate my web presence to them - there were at least two precedents. They have long vanished from the internet, which is why I consider
Lost and Gone Forever an extremely important part of what I am doing. Actually, Wars in the Inner Sphere has a successor of sorts - CBTList, a wonderful resource site which honours its progenitor with all due respect.

Apart from that, this page obviously allows me to be a rampant fanboy, too, which I will contain to the
The Holo-Tank.

Have fun!
Bibliography - Of course, I am relying on illustrations published by FASA in the heydays of Succession-War-Era BattleTech to pep up these pages. In order to at least have a hope of fitting into a fair-use bill, I am going to supply you with the exact source of every illustration I have used.
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