Links directly to the links to my blogs, if you'd like to skip the introduction. Image - Rear view of an Okie's (so described) car, passing through Amarillo, Tex., on its way west, 1941. 145-AAA-7434. Public domained image, courtesy of the US National Archives

All good things must end, usually because of people who, not being so very good, themselves, will not respect the efforts of others. Just such a man became one of the executives at a social bookmarking service which shall remain nameless. A very special kind of blogging, one found almost nowhere else, arose at that service, which offered a richer sort of functionality than was seen at most such services. Many, perhaps even most of these blogs were minimal efforts, as most blogs are elsewhere, but a large minority of the users saw the potential of the platform, and did something creative with it.

After some years, most of that functionality that made that creative self-expression a possibility was taken away on what was, for many users, short notice, some of those users losing years of work, so that somebody in marketing could feel that he had made a difference, as he surely had. All that we could do was move on and find a new place to call home. Where that is, nobody can really say, but one can always build a home and see if anybody else wants to move into it. ... ( next )


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