Who am I / 我是誰

It was happening in 1960, a small Island called Hong Kong 這個故事在1960年一個名叫香港的小島開始
A handsome boy was come to the cruelness World 一個漂亮的男孩出生了
He is growing lonely day by day 他孤獨地一天一天長大

He is working harder, harder, and harder......because of ?他每天努力工作......因為?

Yes, a dream car...... But he never get it!

Yes, a dream girl.......But she never love him!

He's still working but don't know why?
May be he understand what's life when he get elder.....
Or he never know..... until he die!

special thanks to Mr. Danny Ying whom sent me such wonderful pictures (or you can ask him another kind of pictures for your special interest?)...

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