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Standardbreds.  Whether you race them or ride them, I'm sure you'll agree that their 21st century looks, endurance, courage & strength will catapult this endearing equine into the forefront of the popularity stakes.  
Joanne & friends
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Driver, Gavin (aka "The Iceman") Lang wins the coveted Vin Knight medal for the second year in a row..
If it's anything harness or standardbred related, you can get it listed in the free classifieds section.
This adaptable horse can be found at more places than just the race track!  Not just a harness horse (pacer or trotter), the standardbred is making a name for itself as a pleasure & performance horse.
This Australian site is aimed at providing positive, unbiased information and resources of the Standardbred in general & harness racing in particular.
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Health topics related to the performance harness horse which is  also useful information for all equine needs.  New topics regularly.  Also, links to other equine health websites.
Australian Harness Racing news and information.  Also lots of links to other great websites that are  relevant to harness racing, Standardbreds and horse's in general.
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A Clever man never plays leapfrog with a Unicorn!
A look at some of Australian  harness racing's  high profile trainers and drivers.

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Sokyola -  the
reigning AHRC 2003/2004 Horse of the Year is already dominating in 2004/2005.
Follows up Miracle Mile win with an easy victory in the SEW-Eurodrive Victoria Cup.  Jodie Quinlan drove & became the 2nd woman to win the famous race. 
(Kellie Kersley drove Norms Daughter in 1996.)
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Gavin Lang
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Hot 2 Trot! with Vince Salvestri
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The modern Standardbred has developed into a finer, more athletic looking horse which is evident in their rising popularity as a show horse and are being bred for this sole purpose.  There is a steady rise in Standardbred groups, organisations and studs worldwide. 
Could you see a more highly strung breed -
towing a carriage of exploding fireworks around a track, guided by a man holding the reins with his

Ever tried an internet jigsaw puzzle?  You can't lose any pieces and you can make them as hard or as easy as you wish.  Jigsaw's are pictures of some famous harness race horses.
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Aussie Ladies create a World's first historic milestone.
$600,000 Miracle Mile 2004 - Sokyola wins 2 years in a row!
The Falcon Strike
heads east to Moonee Valley from WA for the 2005 AG Hunter cup.
Trainer Lance Justice, with driver Jodie Quinlan and of course getting the kiss is Sokyola.
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