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WELCOMEYoung Nvard hunting in Southern Marshlands of ancient Mesopotamia
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... to the World of the Seeker. Curious to know who the Seeker is? Then, read the short story, HERITAGE OF TRUTH: A Post Flood Story & meet Nvard, the Seeker. Did an interest in the Biblical Nimrod, or legends of his wife, Summar-amat (Traditionally believed to be the same as Semiramis in Greek) bring you here? Then let me offer you - TRUTH ABOUT DOVES: The Story of Nimrod's Wife. Rather read something non-fictional? Try Speculations On Nimrod's World & The Tower Of Babel, or The Danger of Turning Christian Apologetics into A Religion.

So, you're not here to read anything of mine. That's OK. Perhaps, I can help you find whatever it is that you are seeking. Looking for more on the world as it may have been after the Biblical Flood of Noah? Try the links on this page, "Background on Nimrod, Semiramis, Nvard & Ara, Babel & the Post-Flood World." Interested in Ancient History? So am I. The more ancient the better. Collected on this page, "The Ancients: History, Myth & Legend," are a lot of goodies pertaining to the ancient Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Egyptians . . . ancient languages, chronology, archaeology, mythology, legends, etc.

Ancient Proverb Wise as a serpent gentle as a lambHave you ever heard of the book, THE TWO BABYLONS, by Alexander Hislop? Considered by many to be a classic in the field of Christian Apologetics; a portion of this site has been set aside as a resource on this book. From The Two Babylons: A Resource Page you can search an online version of The Two Babylons, read cautionary statements urging all to use discernment and a reminder that these books are not the Word Of God they are but the opinions of individual fallible men, And are not to be treated as Scriptural Truth. You can also preview some of the notes that I have compiled, as well as participate in a Discussion Board on Hislop's, THE TWO BABYLONS, and Woodrow's, THE BABYLON CONNECTION?

This is only a glimpse into what After Noah's Flood: The World of the Seeker has to offer. So take your time, explore & enjoy. But! Before You leave! Let me know what you thought of this site & sign my Guest Book, or visit my Discussion Boards to enjoy conversation with others with the same interests.


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