The family name DAYRIT is believed to have originated from Apalit, Pampanga. Early in the 19th century, there were recorded movements of the clan to the towns of Lubao, Minalin and San Fernando. Later, the family spread to more towns all over Pampanga such as Magalang, Mexico and Angeles.

The most probable origin of the surname is the word
derit in the Cabalatian dialect which means a small fishnet. Many Kapampangan surnames today find their origins in the material culture of the Kapampangans.

DON PEDRO DAYRIT is believed to be one of the common ancestors of many of the Dayrits in Pampanga. He served as
gobernadorcillo of Apalit in 1730.

The Dayrits of San Fernando form one of the more well-known branches of the clan. However, due to the scarcity of records in San Fernando, many of the relationships still cannot be ascertained.  The San Fernando branch is believed to have first settled in Barrio San Jose, which they founded with five other families.

The family patriarch of the San Fernando branch is believed to be DON VICENTE DAYRIT who was
gobernadorcillo of San Fernando in 1791 and 1796. He married DOŅA MARIA CONCEPCION.

To date, only three of his children have been confirmed.  They are DON FABIAN DAYRIT who served as
gobernadorcillo of Lubao in 1821, DON JUAN DAYRIT who served as gobernadorcillo of San Fernando in 1839, and DON ADRIANO DAYRIT who served as gobernadorcillo of Mexico in 1844 and 1854.

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Located in San Jose, San Fernando, Pampanga, the Dayrit Residence was host to many social gatherings of Manila's top society as well as the principalia of San Fernando before World War II. Among those welcomed into the Dayrit House were President Manuel L. Quezon and Doņa Aurora Aragon Quezon, as well as many top-ranking officials who visited San Fernando, guests of Justice Jose Abad Santos. The lavish parties and bailes were always never complete without an orchestra and the rigodons. One feature of the house was its really large kitchen complete with a big native oven. With so many guests, one needed a lot of food to feed many hungry appetites.



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