: : C h a n g   W u f e i : :
( W u f e i   C h a n g )
::General Profile::

::Age (in A.C. 195):: 15 years
::Ethnicity:: Chinese
::Origin:: Colony LaGrange Point 5... or L5
::Height:: 156cm
::Weight:: 46kg
::Eye Color:: Black
::Hair Color:: Black
::Gundam:: Shenlong "Nataku" and Altron "Nataku""
::Alias:: The Solitary Dragon
::Most Common Yaoi Pairing:: Treize x Wufei

::Quote:: "A Woman??? Thats why she's weak."


Wufei is... well, Wufei. He is prideful, arogant, independant, brave and honorable. He often prefers to work solo and alone when on a mission - most likely beacuse he has little patients with the other pilots.
Wufei is big on justice, and will always choose his decisions according to what he thinks is most honorable. He is very good at making quick decisions - having the ability to instinctively determine who is the enemy; and once confirmed, will attack relentlessly.
He is a great warrior - strong, brave, and not affraid to go into battle and kill when necessary.
Wufei is very strong, mentally and physically; he admires strength and frowns upon weaknesses, and is constantly looking for a worthy opponant to challenge.
Wufei: enforces Justice and punishes Evil.
Wu-man may be forceful and efficient, sometimes seeming cold and ruthless, but he is loyal to his men and comrades, and will protect them without hesitation if necessary. He may come across as an insensitive, arogant prick more often than not, but he still cares for those important to him... even if he wont ever admitt it.
The quiet warrior may
seem predictable with his arogance and ill-patience, but is known to sometimes do sponatious little acts every once in a while...pretty out of character, actually. Go Wu!

Ok...Wu's  'interesting' history...

Wufei was born into an ancient chinese warrior clan who were well-known, powerful and respected in Eurasia. The clan believes in honor, self-discipline, and defending the weak.

The clan had been exiled to the L5 colony by an unjust government from fear that the clan may be becomming
too powerful. I guess you could say that this is what brought about the clans' justible beliefs.

When Wufei turned 14, he was obliged by a traditional custom of the clan to marry. Wufei had (pedictably) chosen the strongest woman in the clan, Merian - the grandaughter of Master Long, the Leader of the clan.

Merian had referred to herself as Nataku - who was a legendary strong Chinese woman - hence, giving Wufei the nick name for his Gundam in her honor after she dies in Wufei's arms, trying to fight off General Septem's sent troops to 'disinfect' the colony.

The death of his wife may have had a big part in making Wufei the way he is now - very prideful, sexist (believing all women are weak) and his belief for justice.

Wufei agrees to pilot the Gundam Shenlong in order to help his clan (which end up all being destroyed, anyway...) and... basically, thats all I know about Wu-bear's past.

so...yeah. Thats it!

::Why We Should Love Him::

Do I really  have to explain this one?
Use Your Imagination!!!!
....proud, arrogant...but cares. (although, he'll never admitt it)
: : L O V E R   N O T   A   F I G H T E R : :
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