: : T r o w a   B a r t o n : :
::General Profile::

::Age (in A.C. 195):: 15
::Ethnicity:: Latin/Latin-American... something like that.
::Origin:: Colony LaGrange Point 3... or L3
::Height:: 160cm
::Weight:: 44kg
::Eye Color:: Green/Dark Green
::Hair Color:: Brown
::Gundam:: Heavyarms
::Alias:: Nanashi (no name)/The Silencer
::Most Common Yaoi Pairing:: Trowa x Quatre

::Quote:: "I wouldn't mind if you want to kill me, but I might struggle a bit"


Trowa is a silent guy who hardly speaks at all... unless he feels something important must be said.... his silence can even be scary sometimes...
He is calm, cautious, and most mysterious. This guy has nerves of steel and supurb reflexes; but is best in planning and stratagies. Trowa is very reliable when it comes to missions and is not affraid to kill; he would, no doubt, be the next in line for 'perfect soldiers' if it weren't for our Heero.
When Trowa is not fighting, he hides among a travelling cirus which his siter, Catherine Bloom, is a part of - disquising himself as a clown. Trowa is a wonderful acrobat, his flexiblity enabling great fighting and combat skills when in soldier mode.
Trowa may sometimes (most times) seem stoic, impassive and unresponsive; but he sincerely cares for those who are important to him (pilots, Catherine...) and can be very protective of them when he needs to be.
Oh yeah, and Trowa plays the flute.

Trowa's history is very...complicated and ironic. Kinda long, too.

It starts in A.C. 180, when the Bloom family's circus carriage is hit by a war bomb. The family consisted of a mother, father, young daughter 'Catherine', and infant son 'Triton' (Trowa). The baby son Triton (Trowa) is thrown from the carriage by the explosion, and the only known survivor was Catherine.

At the age of three, Trowa is found by a man and is taken in. This man is a part of a mercenary unit which Trowa is then raised in; being called 'Nanashi' (no name) bacuase of his lack of identification.

In A.C. 190, Trowa had become part of the mercenary unit, and meets a young girl (about his age) named 'Midii Une' in the forrest. Offering her a job on the mercenary, Midii accepts and gives Trowa a cross for helping her, saying God will help him if he wore it.

When the mercenary unit left that forrest area, Trowa and midii were travelling in a truck with the unit's captain. They pass a circus and Trowa watches it skeptically, but denies that he remembers anything - stating that he has been a soldier since birth.

When some traitors umong the unit try to kill the captain, Trowa takes them down and kills them before they could accomplish their mission - but the traitors had been Trowa's comrades who had helped raised him. When Midii asks him if he regreted or was saddened by killing his own comrades, Trowa informed her that he had no regrets - that he kills the enemy before him and that is what they had taught him.

There is a raid and Trowa finds his captain dead, but manages to save himself and Midii. Before they go their seperate ways, Trowa declairs he had dubbed himself a name... but we dont hear what it is.

In A.C. 194, Trowa had made his way into space to work on Heavy arms and had taken the name 'Trowa Barton' - the name of the son of the first founder of Operation Meteor; who was killed then our Trowa was put incharge of the Operation Meteor.

When not training or fighting, Trowa hides among the travelling circus he had seen earlier, as a clown - Catherine Bloom being one of the cirucus' members. Eventually, Catherine and Trowa develop a bond, and consider eacother brother/sister - never knowing that they actually *are* biological siblings in reality (ironic...)

...ummm...well, yeah! I guess that is basically Trowa's/Nanashi's/Triton's history.

::Why We Should Love Him::

Duh! Tall, dark and handsome!
Mysterious and eyecatching, while still caring and loving! Awwww...! ^_^
He is cool in any and every way, and just... deserves to be loved! ...since he never got any as a child... poor tging :(   Dont you just wanna hug him??! :)
: : L O V E R   N O T   A   F I G H T E R : :
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