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Okay, Here are the links I have so far. If you're really that desperate to get outta here, I suggest you go to one of the following GW yaoi/shounen-ai links.
I'm always lookin for new links, so if you have a suggestion, just email me, k?
Oo, hold on, okay. Hey, would anyone out there like to link to me? I'd really  appreciate it! Heres a banner:

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This fanfic site is one of the largest on the net, with TONS of GW yaoi. The bad thing is, though, that they’ve removed all the NC-17-rated fics. Bummer.

This focuses more on the fanart of various animes, but its probably the second largest fanfic site I’ve so far been to.





This is a pretty-lookin site, but it takes time to load.

A great site focusing on 1x2x1 recs.

TONS of GW yaoi fanfiction and nothing else! Yeah!

A GREAT site with a great range of fics and a great amount of links! One of my favs!

Laughing Jackal
A site by Duo Radon - who's fanart I absolutely LOVE! I've got some up on this site, but not much of Duo Radon's famous "furry's". Dont understand? Go to the site.

Akiko's Reality Akiko's awsome site, with more of her artwork than what i've posted here.

Asuka's Site
okay, i cant really read french, but this is where you can find Asukas art.

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