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Okay! I finally got some fanart!! Don’t worry, the collection will be growing! …eventually. I would try to draw some myself, but that would just scare everyone away… don’t want that…
Anyway, enjoy what there is so far. I’ll hopefully be getting more soon!
Oh yeah, and if anybody wants to send me some fanart, go right ahead!

Umm, I probably should put a warning here aswell. Alot of the following fanart may contain explicit material... as in NUDITY and SEXUAL ACTS!! Don't view if you dont like.

::These fanarts do not belong to me. They belong to their respective creators::

:: Art by >Duo Radon<::
::Check out more of Duo Radon’s completely awesome work at >Laughing Jackal<! ::

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:: Art by >Akiko-chan<::
::Want more? go to >Akiko's Reality<! (site is german, but easy to navigate) ::

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:: Art by >Asuka<::
::This art is amazing! Go >Here< for more. (site is french, but easy to get around) ::

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