Okay, This is a Gundam Wing Yaoi Fanfiction or Fanart contest that is open to anyone who will follow the rules(below). The contest will always be open as long as 'Lover Not A Fighter' stays open.
The contest for GW fanfiction and fanart are open to entries
all the time.
And you can send as many entries as you want...already written/created or not...doesnt matter  :)

The winner for each contest will recieve an award (in either JPG or GIF format) which you can upload and stick up on your site (if you have one).
The winning entry, along with a copy of the award, will be posted on this site for people to check out!
Also, other selected entries for each contest will be put up for readers/viewers aswell... because I know that even though there is only one winner, there are many wonderful enteries that deserve to be known!

These entries can be found under the Archive of Fic Contest Entries in the
Fanfic section, or in the Fanart Contest Entries in the Fanart Section.

Well...yeah! Just make sure you follow the rules/guidelines (below) and meet each contests' standards/expectations.
Any Questions?
Have fun!!
: : R U L E S / G U I D L I N E S : :

okay, here are the rules/guidlines that you MUST follow. They're not hard at all...just simple and
Okay, this is how it works...

Rule 1. You must be of applicable age (duh! No one under 18 should even be in here!)

Rule 2. All entries must be about Gundam Wing and Shounen-ai/Yaoi in some way.

Rule 3. With every entry you send to isnotsane@hotmail.com, you must include your name (real or web name, whichever you prefer) along with your email address and website URL (if you have one). If you send a fiction, you must include the title, and any warnings the fic might have. You must send entries via email, and make sure you type either 'Fanfic Contest 1' or 'Fanart Contest 1' for the subject of the email, k?
You can either attach the fanart/fanfic (jpg, gif, doc, txt, html, whatever) to the email, or you can just type the fic into the message of the email. If you want, you can send a
precise URL which will lead to the fic/art, but you must also include your name, email, etc.... All that it stated above. Okie...?

Rule 4. Any entry you send must be your own original work - NO copying or stealing other people's works then taking the credit for them, Got it? Good.

And thats it! Pretty Simple, ne? Got a question?
Contact me.
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: : F A N F I C   C O N T E S T   1 : :    : : 2 0 0 3 : :

Okay, This is contest #1 - the very first fanfic contest for Lover Not A Fighter. This contest opens in 2003, and the awards will be during the whole year. There are 8 different awards to be given, and when I've decided on a winner for each award, it will be crossed off from the list below. I could decide to give the award out at any time throughout the year, so...yeah, just keep that in mind. Remember to read the rules/guidelines!! (below)

The awards to be given out this year are:
::Best 1x2 Humor::
::Best 3x4 Humor::
::Best Lemon::
::Best Angst Fic (with a happy ending)::
::Best Multi-Part::
::Best Romance::
::Best One-Shot::
::Best AU::

<--- This is a copy of one of the awards you might recieve if you win. Dont worry, It will be personalized.
: : F A N A R T   C O N T E S T   1 : :    : : 2 0 0 3 : :

"Award For Best Fanart - Contest 1"

Okay, this one is pretty much the same as the fanfic one. Basically, you just have to send any of your fanart; aslong as it includes one of the listed character(s)/pair(s) for an award. Cool? And just as I explained in the fanfic one, Contest 1 will last throughout this whole year. I might decide to give one of the below awards at any time this year, so be prepared. Once i have given an award, it will be crossed off from the below list.

The awards to be given out this year will be for fanart are:
::A pic including Chang Wufei::
::A pic involving Heero x Duo::
::A pic involving Trowa x Quatre::
:: A pic including Zechs::
::A Lemony pic::
::A Sweet pic::

The award you will recieve if you win will look similar to this (each is different) --->
This is the first award. Dont worry, it will be personalized.
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