Here to help you out. This section is full of definitions for various terminology you will find in Gundam Wing internet yaoi/shounen-ai - aswell as some japanese translations. If you don't already know them, these will come in handy when reading fanfiction or determining couples.

Okay, first of all, you're going to need to know who's who. The Gundam Wing characters are identified by numbers or letters.. The most common ones will be:

          Heero : : 1
          Duo : : 2
          Trowa : : 3
          Quatre : : 4
          Wu Fei : : 5
          Relena : : R
          Sally : : S
          Hilde : : H
          Treize : : 13
          Zechs : : 6

The relationship between a couple is identified normally by an 'x' or '+'.
The 'x' represents some sort of very intimate or sexual relationship with the desired characters.
The '+' represents a either a very close frienship between the characters, or togetherness without heavy sexual content.

Here are the definitions on pretty much most of the warnings/categories you will find mainly in fanfiction.

Alcohol Use- When alchol is consumed by a character in the fic. Most possibly an abuse of alcohol is related.

Attempted Suicide-
When a character attempts suicide.

Alternate Universe (set in a differnt time/universe scheme). But dont let this scare you! This could simply mean something as small as a slight age difference between the pilots... but it could also go as far as setting a fic in med-evil times or different twi-light dimensions where Duo is a girl. Hmm...

some sort of depression or hurt feelings experienced by one or more characters.

Bondage, Domination, Sado-masochism. You can often get some nasty stuff here.

Character Death-
Pretty self-explanitory. When a character dies in the fic :(

Japanese word for small. If a character is chibi, they would be very tiny and cute or children.

Indicates a strongly erotic tone yet without any actual sex. Weird.

A fic that continues onto more than one part/chapter.

When the anime/TV series written about also involves another anime/TV series. Personally, I dont like crossovers.

Involves a LARGE amount of death, pain, trauma inflicted on the characters. Normally a non-happy ending.

When the fic is based around a main character dying :(

Drug Use-
When drugs are used by a character in the fic - normally illegal drugs.

Multi-chapter fic.

Lighthearted, inconsequential, cute, sweet. Really sweet love between a couple.

A parody fic. Full of laughs.

When there is swearing/foul language involved.

Uh...well, Yeah. Or sexual situations. Consensual, ofcourse.

Non-explicit sexual situations. Tasteful.

When a male character becomes pregnant. Very popular umong DBZ.

I really dont think I have to explain this one.

Non Consensual Sex/Sexual situations. Rape.

OC/Original Character-
When a new, original character created by the author is included in the fic.

Out Of Character-ness. The character from the anime is out of character. Yeah.

A single fic with no continuing parts.

Point Of View. The fic is written in first person of one of the characters.

Plot? What Plot? also known as Porn Without Plot. It is a fic that is based around sex and has no real plot. Just there for yummy entertainment =D

You guessed it. For the romantics. A Fic containing romance between the characters.

Self-Infliction/Self-Inflicted Pain-
When a character in the fic is a cutter. Purposely causes themself unneeded pain.

When the author includes themself in the fic.

Love/Romance between two females. Nothin Explicit.

Sweet, non-graphic romace/love between two guys.

When a character is enslaved/treated as a slave. Normally Historical in fics.

When a character in the fic commits suicide...

- When the fic is written in scenes and shots - described in a TV way.

When violence, abuse or harassment is involoved in the fic.

WIP- Work In Progress. Meaning the fic isn't complete yet.

You should already know this one.

Sexual Situations between females. for some translations. The following are just the basic japanese you will mainly find in GW fanfiction.

Yaoi- Duh! Male/male...situations.

Yuri- The...uh, female version of Yaoi.

Shounen ai- Male/male love. The lesser form of Yaoi.

Shojo ai- Female lovev - the lesser form of Yuri.

Bishounen- A Beautiful guy!

Bishoujo- A Beautiful chick.

Hentai- Pervert.

Koi/Koibito- Lover/Sweetheart

Shinigami- God Of Death

Hai- Yes

Iie- No

Nani- What?

Kudasai- Please

Ne?- Eh?

Gomen- Sorry

Gomen Nasai- Very Sorry

Chibi- Little/small

Onna- Woman

Kawaii- Cute

Itai- Ouch

Owari- The end/finale

Baka- Idiot

K'so- Shit or Damn

Shimatta- Damn it

Bakayarou- Asshole

Ohayo- Good Morning

Konnichiwa- Good Afternoon

Konbanwa- Good Evening

Oyasumi/oyasuminasai- Good Night

Sayounara- Good Bye

Ja ne- Good Bye / See ya.

Daijoubu desu ka?- Are you alright/okay/safe?

Daijoubu- I'm alright/okay

Ai Shiteru- I love you

Ninmu Kanryou- Mission Accomplished

Ninmu Ryoukai- Mission Accepted

Ninmu Shippai- Mission Failure
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