: : D u o   M a x w e l l : :
::General Profile::

::Age (in A.C. 195):: 15
::Ethnicity:: American
::Origin:: Colony LaGrange Point 2.... or L2
::Height:: 156cm
::Weight:: 43kg
::Eye Color:: Violet/Blue
::Hair Color:: Chestnut Brown
::Gundam:: Deathscythe/Deathscythe Hell
::Alias:: Shinigami (God of Death). Its something like 'The Great Destroyer' in the American version.
::Most Common Yaoi pairing:: Heero x Duo

::Quote:: "Stop makin' me repeat myself! It's bad for my health!"


Duo; he runs, he hides, but he never lies!
Duo is the cheerful, exuberant one out of the five pilots; and can often drive his comrades insane with his layed-back attitude and annoying habbits. The talkative American always somehow seems to find the upside in a bad situation, and keeps a very talkative and optimistic exterior.... but what he keeps locked up inside and hidden is a different story.
duo uses his witty humor and harmless practical jokes to brighten up the depressing life of war the five pilots are in. At times, he is a very welcomed distraction from the hardships of war to his fellow four pilots; always keeping on his jester's mask, trying to get the others to smile.
Duo gets tired and bored with things easily - his lack of patience and self-discipline seen as a weakness and a liability to Heero and Wufei. But Duo is happy, and keeps everyone else happy; so wont let the weight of his inner turmoil burden him into becomming a depressed wreck.
That's Duo for ya.

I really love Duo's history. Its very... involved and tragic. And has openings that can be left for the imagination...

Duo is a war orphan. When he was very young, his parents were killed by the outcomes of war, and poor little duo was left to the disfunctional colony of L2 to scrounge the streets looking for and stealing food to merely survive - without so much as a name.

When he was still young, Duo was taken in by a group of child thieves who worked together to find shelter and steal food. The leader of said group was an older boy named Solo; who Duo had come to admire and respect greatly.

When a deadly plague hit the streets of L2, Duo's whole group of kids had obviously gotten infected - due to their unfortunate circumstances. Sinse the kids had no possesions or money, they werent able to afford the cure; so Duo decided to steal enough of the antidote to cure everyone in the group but himself.

Duo had returned with the cure... but it was too late to save Duo's mentor, Solo, who was already dying. Solo died in Duo's arms, and his last words were of how he considered Duo to be his friend. Duo had then chosen his first name in dedication to Solo; and believed it was Solo who was looking over him that had kept him alive and unaffected by the plague, despite that Duo hadn't taken any of the antidote.

Duo has never forgiven himself for not being able to save Solo in time.

At the age of 7, in A.C. 187, Duo was caught after stealing and put into the Maxwell church orphanige to be taken care of. This is where duo encounters Sister Helen and Father Maxwell; and also adapts his braid by the Sister's idea.

Unlike the rest of the kids, Duo was never adopted or was always returned. But sister Helen and Father Maxwell had fallen in love with the vibrant young American and visa versa.

In A.C. 188, the war had returned and the church was taken hostage - the soldiers abusing Sister Helen and Father Maxwell. Duo, only eight years of age, stepped in when he saw this and demanded the soldiers to stop. He told the soldiers he would get them the mobil suit they desired if they left them alone.

Going as fast as he could, Duo ran to a military base and stole a truck which held a suit; quickly driving it back to the church. When he had returned, he had found the soldiers gone and the church utterly destroyed. Apparently, Father Maxwell was already dead, But sister Helen was holding on by a thread, sprawled out on the church's ruins. Her last attempted words were that may God bless Duo and keep him safe. She was never able to finish that sentence.

Duo again never and still doesn't forgive himself for failing to save the only people that were importnat to him once again, arriving just that little bit too late.

Four years later, Duo meets up with Professor G. This is the first time he declares himself to be 'Shinigami'.
Accuiring his Gundam and training with the help of Professor G; Duo is assigned to Operation Meteor... and the rest is history, people.

::Why We Should Love Him::

Why we should love him? I really dont think I need to explain this one. Good looking, funny, witty, full of hidden angst.... what more can I say??
: : L O V E R   N O T   A   F I G H T E R : :
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