Lover Not A Fighter

What is war without love?
What is it hundreds fight for,
And millions suffer for?

Lost in the chaos,
Forgotten by the grief,
What else is there to rely on?

We will fight hard;
And if I shall fall or you go down,
There will still always be an end.
Our love will survive;

I'd rather love than fight.

W A R N I N G !

Be Warned! This is a Gundam wing site based around Shounen-ai and Yaoi. If you do not know what that is, you probably shouldnt be here at all. This site may very possibly contain explicit images, adult-related topics/fics, and other such material of anime male+male situations.
So, if you are over 18, and are open-minded to the concept of male/male love (and situations), you may enter.

If you are not of applicable age, or are against this sort of thing, plaese
LEAVE NOW - do not go any further because you have been warned - and I will not be held responsible for anyone's actions passed this point.

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