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Welcome to my Gameboy Advance and ARM assembly coding page!

This page is dedicated to providing the fastest possible ARM/Thumb assembly routines for commonly used tasks when coding for the GBA.

You have permission to use the code found on this page in your own projects. Just don't forget to credit the author(s).

You are also invited to contribute to this repository by sending new ARM routines or by improving the existing ones. So, if you think you have a faster version of a certain routine in there, contact me and I will add it to the repository.

When you contribute, please comment your code and provide all the explanations required so everybody can understand how the code works and why it is faster than other implementations. Also, submit only routines that don't depend on other piece of code somewhere in your project. The routines must be stand alone and as generic as possible. If a routine has special data types associated to it, please provide everything it needs to function properly (i.e: structures or lookup tables).

I hope you enjoy this page! :)

- isildur

The GBA ARM Code Repository - by category
String/number formating
Bitmaps and raster operation
Special FX

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