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Ok so if your here you are probably looking to know more about me...well lets see...I am 30, female, I love to travel, take pictures and write.  I am a Full Time History Student, Currently writing my Thesis.  I am hoping to spend next year studying in Germany, and then I will be applying to Graduate School.

I also own a couple of small online shops which are currently paying for (with the help of a lot of grants) my education.  There are links to my online shops to the left side of this page.

  You can view some photos from my 2 trips to South Africa, my trip to Europe and some of the poems I have written on the links provided.  I have made several of the Photographs available as prints through my online store.  If you see a photograph and would like to purchase it, but do not find it available in my store, please
contact me.

Pictures from my 1st african vacation August 2003
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Pictures from my 2nd African vacation October 2004- January 2005

to the greatest poet never known
to the greatest poem never shown

for all who wrote thier hearts desire
for all who's words did burn like fire

the ones who never showed a soul
the ones whose writing makes them whole

with venom and love they did write
with all their heart put up a fight

Stand up proud and take a bow
Stand up proud and show them now


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Thought of the Day:

Why are there
so many people
still prejudice
in this day and age?
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Pictures from my European Vacation
July 2005
This is my personal profile page.  It has a little information about me, some poetry I have written, photography that I have taken, web pages & blogs that I write or contribute to, links to online stores that I own, and links to other online stores that I like.   
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