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My name is Sylvia Tomlinson. I am David Hughes' mother and the grandmother of his two daughters, Harriett and Sarah Hughes. I live in Elmira, New York and David and his children lived in Dryden, New York. David was awarded sole legal and physical custody of his children on August 29, 1995 and Harriett and Sarah Hughes remained in his sole custody when they fled. As you will see on the attached pages, Harriett and Sarah's mother, Amy Wheeler Hughes, either sexually, physically, and/or mentally abused or allowed other person or persons to abuse them. David, Sarah, and Harriett Hughes fled from the safety of their home in Dryden, New York after Amy Wheeler Hughes stalked and threatened David and Sarah with a shotgun. David, Sarah, and Harriett were located in Fremont, Ohio on February 1, 2000. I am asking for your help. After you have read my granddaughter's letter, after you have looked at the pictures of abuse on the Abuse Pictures/ Letter to Amy/ Break In Pages as well as this Home Page, after you have read the child abuse report against Amy Wheeler Hughes........... please contact the officials listed on the bottom of this page and ask "why" they have not protected two children who have been obviously physically abused and by court documentation, sexually abused..........."why" they would give an abusive mother continued unsupervised rights to her children. After all, Sarah and Harriett are children and wouldn't it be wiser to sit on the side of caution to protect the children?


On Wednesday, August 23, 2000, the Fremont, Ohio Sandusky County Court gave Amy Wheeler Hughes extended visitation with Harriett and Sarah Hughes, allowing her to take them to New York State (Amy lives in Pine City, New York and Amy is still employed as a teacher in the Corning/Painted Post New York School District by BOCES).

Then on Thursday, September 21, 2000, David Hughes received a call from Fremont Ohio DHS case worker Jackie Hamann, telling him that the same Judge Donald Ramsey who had given Amy extended visitation just issued a Judgment that Fremont, Ohio was sending the case back to New York. Judge Ramsey is from Erie County in Ohio and was sitting on this case because Judge Culbert could not because of the Federal lawsuit aginst him.

But......David has no papers to show that a Judgement was issued. David was not served with any papers, David has not received any Court Order nor transfer papers signed by Judge Donald Ramsey from the Fremont,Ohio Court, and David DOES NOT KNOW WHERE HIS CHILDREN ARE. David assumes that they are in Pine City/ Elmira, New York but Fremont, Ohio DHS will not confirm that. David has not seen his children since September 9, 2000. David has requested (sent certified return receipt) all Orders and papers from the Fremont, Ohio Court, but they have not responded.

I am Harriett and Sarah's grandmother and I do not know where my grandchildren are. Amy is still at 987 Sebring Avenue in Pine City, New York but Harriett and Sarah Hughes have not been seen by me.

There was no hearing. David Hughes has sole legal and physical custody of Sarah and Harriett Hughes yet there was no hearing.

David Hughes was not granted the right to appear before the Fremont, Ohio court to protest his children being sent back to their abusive mother for an "extented visitation."

David Hughes was not granted the right to appear before the Fremont, Ohio court to protest the case being sent to the Chemung County Court in Elmira, NY.

David has not been allowed to have his file from his attorney who was dismissed on August 23, 2000 (Attorney Jon Ickes-The man who went on the "sudden extended vacation" and who was not there for the on-camera interview with the children [and David was not allowed to appear on his own behalf].........the same attorney who did not reappear until the morning of the August 23 hearing and admittedly had failed to file 6 crucial motions so Judge Donald Ramsey dismissed Attorney Jon Ickes from the case on the grounds of "ineffective assistance of council.")

This is all after David had filed a Federal lawsuit against Mary Beth Fiser, Jackie Hamann and Judge Culbert for failing to return his children to him- and Mary Beth Fiser, Jackie Hamann, and Judge Culbert had just been notified that the Federal Court of Appeals accepted David Hughes' case.

Instead of protecting two children against an abusive mother who had lost all custody of her children in 1995 and AGAIN WAS NOT granted any custody in 1997 and 1998 by the Tompkins County Court in New York, the Fremont, Ohio "DHS and Court system" decided to just say, "to hell with this case- I'll show you" and send Harriett and Sarah back to New York with their abusive mother. Harriett and Sarah Hughes are now with Amy Wheeler Hughes in New York on the "extended visitation" that the Fremont Court gave Amy on August 23.

What message does this send to Sarah, now age 14, who has written many letters (see the web site) begging for help? Amy Wheeler Hughes, as you can read in the Abuse Pictures, has told both Harriett and Sarah that it doesn't matter who they tell or what they say, they will never be believed because Amy tells authorities that they are "liars." Look at the pictures of abuse- did Sarah and Harriett lie and just "fall" as Amy says or can you see the belt buckle mark on Harriett's back?? How will Sarah and Harriett get help now and from whom?? My grandchildren are caught in a pool of hopelessness and helplessness because of a system which has not protected them.

Harriett and Sarah came to my house at about 5:15pm on a Sunday after their father had picked them up at 5pm from an unsupervised visitation with their mother, Amy Wheeler Hughes. Harriett's lip and face was very swollen. Harriett was crying and said that her mother slapped her very hard in the mouth because her mother got "mad" at her again. Who will hear Harriett's cries now and help her?

Harriett and Sarah Hughes were placed in David Hughes' sole legal and physical custody in 1995 because of the severe sexual, physical (see Abuse Pictures) and emotional abuse that Harriett and Sarah Hughes have endured in the care of their mother, Amy Wheeler Hughes (see web site).

Harriett and Sarah Hughes deserved and had a right to be protected by the Fremont Ohio Juvenile Court against further abuse by Amy Wheeler Hughes and to be returned to their legal custodial parent, David Hughes.

Harriett and Sarah Hughes have been sexually, physically (see Abuse Pictures), and emotionally abused by their mother but Sandusky County Fremont, Ohio has refused to allow Harriett and Sarah to return to their father out of an ignorant and gender bias belief that there must be "something" with a father raising two children. Yet the Fremont, Ohio Sandusky Court system would send Harriett and Sarah back with an abusive mother.

Maybe next time, a Court system will take your children, simply because you are a single parent, because you are African American, because you are Hispanic, or just maybe, because the system doesn't accept the fact that a father can and should raise his children when the mother is abusive. There is, in many of our Court systems, an unspoken social belief that mothers have "mothering rights," even if the mother, Amy Wheeler Hughes, is an abusive mother who has provided pornography to her children, stood by as her daughters engaged in sexual acts, had sex with her boyfriend in front of her daughter, and beat both of her daughters.

Following is a poster that Sarah sent to me in December 1999.  It is in her own words and explains her situation beautifully:


My name is Sarah Hughes.  I am 13 years old. I am from Dryden. I live in hiding and I am scared to come home.

My mother has made me look at pictures of people having sex, made me watch her and her boyfriend have sex in the shower, made me suck on a penis, pulled my hair so hard that I had bald spots, smashed my head into walls, and made me take off my clothes so she could look at my vagina and my breasts. I went into hiding when my mother chased me with a shotgun and tried to shoot me.

I have asked Judge William Barrett, George Dentes and Peter Meskill to help me be safe so I can come home to my family, my friends, and my school, but they all refuse to help me.

PLEASE HELP ME! Please call Judge William Barrett, George Dentes, and Peter Meskill and tell them to help me be safe from abuse so I can come home to my family, my friends, and my school.

Tompkins County Family Court, Judge William Barrett - (607) 277-1517
Tompkins County District Attorney, George Dentes - (607) 274-5461
Tompkins County Sheriff, Peter Meskill - (607) 187-1345
Chemung County Family Court, Judge James Hayden- (607) 737-2902
Chemung County District Attorney, John Trice - (607) 737-2944
New York State Attorney General, Eliot Spitzer - Crime Victims Hotline - (800) 771-7755

To voice your concerns and ask "why" Mary Beth Fiser, Judge Ramsey of the Fremont, Ohio Court and/or Jackie Hamann of the Fremont, Ohio DHS have allowed an abusive mother (Amy Wheeler Hughes has an indicated report against her for child abuse, she has been arrested once, and has had two Orders of Protection against her- see web site documentation) to take her children for an unsupervised "extended visitation" to Elmira, NY and now................has sent this case back to the Chemung County Court in Elmira, NY instead of protecting two children who are residents of Ohio, please contact:

"Guardian Ad Litem" Mary Beth Fiser
     127 South Main Street Clyde, Ohio 43410 (419)-547-7770
Fremont Ohio Mayor Terry Overmyer
Fremont 1st Ward Councilman John Brown
     home telephone: (419)-334-2001
Fremont 2nd Ward Councilwoman Karen Wagner
     home telephone: (419)-332-3854
Fremont 3rd Ward Councilman Duane Simmons
     home telephone: (419)-332-2557
Fremont 4th Ward Councilman Richard Root
     home telephone: (419)-332-4253
Fremont Public Children Services Agency/ Foster Care Director Don L. Morton
Fremont Councilman-at-Large William Kelly
     home telephone: (419)-332-8169
Fremont Councilman-at-Large Troy Thatcher
     home telephone: (419)-334-9873
Fremont Councilman-at-Large James Melle
     home telephone: (419)-332-7179
Ohio Attorney General Betty D. Montgomery
     State Office Tower, 17th Floor Columbus, Ohio 43215-3428
Sandusky County Courthouse
     100 N. Park Avenue, Fremont, Ohio 43420 (419)-334-6100
District 89: Rex Damschroder
     1014 Birchard Avenue, Fremont, Ohio 43420 (419)-355-1022
Ohio Govenor Bob Taft
Ohio Senator Mike DeWine
     140 Russell Senate Building, Washington, DC 20510 (202)-224-2315
Ohio 5th District Rep Paul Gillmor
     1203 Longworth Building, Washington, D.C. 20515-3505 (202)-225-6405
Ohio Senator George V. Voinovich
     503 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510 (202)-224-3353

David, Sarah, and Harriett Hughes have been residents of Fremont, Ohio for over seven months. David Hughes has a job in Fremont, Ohio. David, Sarah, and Harriett Hughes have an apartment in Fremont, Ohio. According to Michael Brice of the Fremont News-Messenger (The News-Messenger 1700 Cedar St., Fremont, OH 43420 (419) 332-5511), there are no charges against David Hughes in Ohio. There are no charges against David Hughes in New York. Sarah is 14 years old and Harriett was 11 on August 18. Please email, telephone, or write to any of the representatives listed above and below and ask why Harriett and Sarah have not been released in nearly 10 months, back to their father who has no abuse, neglect, or criminal charges against him but who does have a Chemung County Custody Order giving him sole legal and physical custody of his children. Fremont DHS released Harriett and Sarah Hughes to an abusive mother who had lost all custody of Harriett and Sarah in 1995, 1997, and 1998 because of abuse. It will now be Amy Wheeler Hughes' intention to run to the Chemung County Family Court in Elmira, New York, file for custody of Harriett and Sarah, saying, "See I am not a bad mother- Ohio let me bring my children to New York-- Jackie Hamann of Fremont's DHS and Mary Beth Fiser, the "Guardian Ad Litem" in Fremont, Ohio are not worried about the abuse issues and my mothering ability, so why should you be??"

In New York, please contact:

Chemung County Family Court Judge David Brockway
      312 Lake Street, Elmira, NY 14901 (607) 733-0808 or 203 William Street, Elmira, NY 14901 (607)737-2902
Chemung County Judge James Hayden
      224 Lake Street, Elmira, NY 14901 (607) 737-2923
Chemung County District Attorney John Trice
      226 Lake Street, Elmira, NY 14901 (607) 737-2944
Chemung County Assemblyman George H. Winner, Jr.
      District Office: 228 Lake Street, Elmira, NY 14901 (607) 734-8580
Chemung County Department of Social Services
      425 Pennsylvania Avenue Elmira, NY 14904 (607) 737-5417
Chemung County Star-Gazette reporter Margaret Costello
Tompkins County District Attorney George Dentes
      320 North Tioga Street, Ithaca, NY 14850 Phone 607-274-5461 Fax: 274-5429
Tompkins County Sheriff Peter Meskill
      779 Warren Road, Ithaca, NY 14850 Phone: 607-257-1345. Fax: 266-5436
Tompkins County Family Court Judge John Charles Rowley
      The Clinton House, 103 W Seneca Street, Ithaca, NY 14850 (607) 272-2102
New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer
      Binghamton Office:   44 Hawley Street, 17th Floor, Binghamton, NY 13901-4433 (607) 721-8778
New York Governor George E. Pataki
      State Capitol, Albany, NY 12224
New York Lieutenant Governor Mary O. Donohue
      State Capitol, Albany, NY 12224-0341 (518) 474-4623
Ira Glasser, Executive Director - American Civil Liberties Union

Amy Wheeler Hughes, has repeatedly threatened to harm David, Sarah, and/or Harriett. Amy Wheeler Hughes has threatened to shoot David and has even purchased a shotgun and showed it to her children. On February 4, 1999, Amy Wheeler Hughes went to Dryden, New York with a shotgun and threatened David and Sarah Hughes as they stood outside of the Red Apple Quick Fill on Route 281 which is about five miles outside of Dryden, New York. Sarah was so scared that she screamed and wet her pants. When Amy Wheeler Hughes circled in the Ames parking lot and came at them again, David and Sarah jumped into their car and went to the Tompkins County Sheriff's Department (A camera at the Sheriff's Department would have taken David and Sarah's picture). The Sheriff's Deputy told David and Sarah that it was a Family Court matter (David had been in court with Amy Hughes 48 times in four years) and to take the matter back into Family Court. On February 5, 1999, David called the Tompkins County Family Court and was told that they could do nothing without "PROOF." In the late afternoon on February 5, 1999, as Sarah and David were going to the Dryden Post Office, they saw Amy Wheeler Hughes again. David quickly picked Harriett up from Day Care (Sarah was home with her father on February 4th and 5th because she had the chicken pox), they packed their suitcases and fled in their car. David did not empty his bank accounts, he gave no notice at work, he did not call family nor friends- they FLED FOR THEIR LIVES- because they truly believed Amy Wheeler Hughes was going to shoot them.

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