U.S. Barbie Cases
Here are some of the more unusual cases that were available in the U.S.
Fashion Queen Barbie came with a wig wardrobe. Her case also had a polystyrene liner and came in red and black. 1963. Stock no. 370.
This case was for Miss Barbie, the only Barbie with eyes that closed. It had a polystyrene liner and came in red and black too. 1964.
The Midge "Lunch Date" case is a little easier to find. It came in red, white and blue vinyl as well. 1964.
The Midge "Movie Date" case is quite hard to find. It came in red and blue as well. 1963.
Occassionally, SPP would use 2 different designs on 1 trunk. The left side is dated 1964 and the right side is dated 1965!
This trunk has a vivid scene of Barbie, Ken and Skipper enjoying a picnic. 1965.
The interior shot of this case shows Barbie sitting down for once! This case was also available in red and blue versions. 1965.
This is Barbie Goes Travelin' case, which featured a car on one side and a plane on the other. There is a window for Barbie's head to show through.
The trunk's interior matches the exterior graphics. Also included are 2 plastic and cardboard chairs properly proportioned for Barbie and Skipper.
This Barbie and Skipper Vanity Trunk is truely unique. It is the only lavender Barbie case. 
This beautiful trunk shows Barbie and Skipper ready to ride. It came in yellow and blue as well. 1966. Stock no. 365.
This truely Mod trunk features Barbie, Stacey and Francie. Value is $75-$100 (Kaplan). 1968. Stock no. 5036.
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