U.S. Logo Accessories
In the U.S., Mattel and SPP also produced some unique vinyl accessories with Barbie logo graphics.  The graphic matches that found in a custom made fabric Mattel used for "Barbie Learns to Cook!" and other vintage Barbie outfits.  Mattel also produced this fabric in a version scaled up for childrens' clothing.  The back ground color on the vinyl accessories could be white, medium blue, pale yellow or pale pink.  All these items are very hard to find.
These dictionaries show the blue and yellow background variations.
This Snaps n' Scraps scrapbook show the white background variation.
This Carry-All could hold photos, bills, change and other things a little girl needed.  This is the blue variation.
A girl could record all her private thoughts in this locking diary.  White variation.
This example of the wallet still has its original price sticker.  This is the pink variation.  Stock no. 6402
This case is vinyl covered with large scale logo print fabric.  It was also available with blue trim, instead of pink..
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