U.S. Vinyl Accessories 1963-1965
This Barbie wallet shows Barbie in "Masquerade." It also came in black or red vinyl. 1964. Stock no. B208.
Yes, Barbie can be educational!  This pocket-sized Webster's dictionary also came in black or blue vinyl. 1963. Stock no. B440.
A beautiful titian swirl decorated this Perk Up Case.  Also came blue or red vinyl. 1964. Stock no. B501.
The titian swirl was also used on this dictionary.  This one still has its original packaging.  Also available in black or red. 1964. Stock no. B440.
Yes, it's titian swirl mania!  Here she is again on a Carry All. Also came in red or blue. 1964. Stock no. B201.
The graphics on this great 3-ring binder also appeared on a 3 doll trunk. Available in blue and red vinyl too. 1965. Stock no. B811.
This school bag is a true rarity. Available in blue vinyl too. 1964. Stock no. B100.
The hardest to find Barbie lunch box is the domed lunch box.  Made by Thermos. 1965. The domed lunch box had the same graphics as one of the more common lunch boxes.  It contains 2 interior compartments: 1 for a thermos and 1 for food.
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