U.S. Vinyl Accessories 1961-1962
In the U.S., Mattel and SPP produced an astonishing array of fun and unique accessories with Barbie graphics.
This Barbie Perk Up Case is great for carrying all those little necessities. Also came in red and blue vinyl. 1961.
This autograph book features similar stylized graphics. Also came in red and blue vinyl. 1961.
This pencil case also came in red and blue vinyl. 1961.
A girl could record all her private thoughts in this locking diary. Available in black and blue vinyl. 1961.
This Carry-All could hold photos, bills, change and other things a little girl needed.  Also came blue and black vinyl. 1961.
This Barbie Beauty Kit orignally contained Barbie toiletries. 1961.
This Record Tote held 45-rpm records. The handles are retractable and it came in black or blue vinyl as well. 1961.
This Perk Up Case still has its original shoe charm attached. Came in red and blue as well. Stock no. B501.
This Carry-All also came in blue and red.  1962. Stock no. B201.
Vanity Fair produced a Barbie-themed record player. This is the exterior of the case. 1962.
Here is the interior of the case.  The graphics are unique.
The Vanity Fair also produced a transistor radio for Barbie.  This is the case for the radio. 1962.
This locking diary was available in black and blue vinyl, as well. 1962. Stock no B33.
This beautiful Barbie 3-ring binder was also available in red and black vinyl. 1962.
Here is another autograph book. Value is $225-$300 (Kaplan). 1962. Stock no. B22.
This rare Lunch Box is similar in style to the ballet box, but is slightly smaller. It has a separate thermos compartment. It is more rarely found in blue and red. 1962.
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