In 1967, Mattel introduced its first doll modelled after a real person, the model Twiggy.  This doll used the same body as Barbie's 'MOD'ern cousin, Francie.  The face sculpt used for the doll was the same one used for Francie's friend. Casey.  Mattel produced four vinyl items for Twiggy:  a Treasure Box, Fashion Tote, Mini-Purse, and 3-ring binder. The items were illustrated with an actual photo of Twiggy and drawings of her in Mattel Twiggy outfits.  These items came in both white and orange vinyl.
This Treasure Box came with a key and was like Barbie's Beauty Kit from 1961.  1967. Stock no. 5106.
This Mini-Purse was identical to the Barbie Carry-All, except that it has an added chain handle.  1967.  Stock no. 5105.
This is the Twiggy Fashion Tote.  1967.  Stock no. 5108.
This 3-ring binder was called a "Ringeroo" by Mattel.  It's the rarest of the Twiggy vinyls. 1967.  Stock no. 5107.
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