Vinyl Structures
Initially, Mattel produced their structures from heavy-duty cardboard, but eventually they abandoned their cardboard structures and moved to vinyl.  The cases combined wardrobe and doll storage with living space for the dolls. The most unusual were the House-Mate cases, which were designed to be snapped together to form a larger structure.  There were 3 of these.  The Tutti & Chris House-Mate is not shown.
The Barbie House-Mate case had a Barbie wearing Francie's "Tweedsomes!" 1966. Stock no. 5091 The interior featured a flowered bed, a clothes closet and a lavendar molded couch with matching ottoman.
The Francie & Casey House-Mate shows Casey wearing Barbie's "Fashion Shiner." 1966. Stock no. 5092. The interior had a vinyl desk, orange tub chair, and a pink bed which had a mirrored vanity on its reverse side.
The interior had a pink fold-out table flanked by 2 green seats. Both sides had fold-down beds, with a bookcase and a vanity on their reverse.
The Francie and Casey Studio House has the least storage room of any of these cases. 1966. Stock no. 1026.
The detailed interior had a molded bed, a desk with typewriter, a table with lamp, 2 barrel chairs and a pink bucket chair. Unique to this case are the yellow plastic phone, plate and 2 tumblers.
Francie had a house all for herself too. She peers out her front door, clad in "Dance Party." 1966. Stock no. 3302.
Barbie and Francie's Dressing Roomcase was a unique pentagon shaped case. It also featured some unique Francie graphics. 1966. Stock no. 1024.
The inside had a mirrored vanity and pink barrel chair. There was a hidden compartment for accessories.
Jamie, Barbie's short-lived best friend, was a Sears exclusive, as were her cases.  This is her Studio Apartment case.  1970. Stock no. 4996.
The interior has a doll compartment that converts to a sofa or a bed.
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