Skipper, Barbie's little sister, made her debut in 1964. Mattel produced an assortment of great vinyl items for her and her friend Skooter.
Here is the matching train case. It also came in yellow or beige vinyl. 1964. Stock no. 8030.
This tiny hat box case measures 9" in diameter and features Skipper at the airport. It also came in blue or yellow vinyl. 1964. Stock no. 8010.
This adorable pencil case is came in blue or yellow vinyl. 1965.
This coin purse is unique to Skipper and is very hard to find.  1964. Stock no. 103.
The ends of the lunch box feature Skipper in "Let's Play House" and "Rainy Day Checkers."
This lunch box shows Skipper in "Country Picnic" and came in peach or pink vinyl. Made by Thermos. 1965.
This train case came in black, blue or red vinyl. There was a matching hat box and case too. 1965.
This Skipper Nurse Bag is extremely rare!
The Purse-pal case was unique--it was carried like a purse. Also the graphics depict a child with many toys, including a Skipper doll. This pink one has a long adjustable carry strap.
This blue Purse-pal case features a short carrying strap that can't be adjusted.  1965. Stock no. 3490.
This cute Skipper wallet features her in "Masquerade". Ken and Barbie appear in the background in matching outfits. Stock no. B408.
This Skipper binder matches her wallet. It also came in yellow vinyl. 1965.
This stunning case shows Skooter chasing butterflies, wearing "Country Picnic." It also came in blue vinyl. 1965. Stock no. 361.
This great binder shows Skipper in "School Days" and Barbie in "Knitting Pretty."
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