Vintage Barbie Vinyl Reference Guide
This site is a reference guide for vintage Barbie vinyl products. This site will not be exhaustive, but will instead focus on particularly hard-to-find and unusual Barbie vinyl items.

I am no longer listing values on my site, as the ones I had are now out of date. This is now strictly an identification site. All sources used are noted on my bibliography page. Where known, I will also include the Mattel stock number.

Originally, most vinyl products in the U.S. were produced by Standard Plastic Products of Plainfield, New Jersey, initially as part of their Ponytail division. SPP invented the vinyl lunchbox and manufactured them for King Seeley Thermos Co. Early U.S. products usually feature either the Ponytail or the SPP logo. In 1965, Mattel purchased Standard Plastic Products and began to manufacture the vinyl items themselves.

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